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What is GDWC?

GDWC stands for the Game Development World Championship, which is an annual global competition for game developers of all shapes, sizes, and backgrounds. You're welcome to submit your game whether you're a professional developer, a hobbyist, a student, or just interested in game development in general.

When does GDWC happen?

GDWC is basically constantly running. 2022 season submission period runs from March 7th 2022 for a whole year, ending on February 28th 2023. During this period we take submissions for GDWC 2022 and conduct various activities to highlight participating games and developers.

GDWC 2022 will culminate in an Awards Show during Spring 2023. Location and date to be announced later.

Where is GDWC taking place?

GDWC is fully Online competition and no travel is required. This is to allow anyone interested from anywhere in the world to join.

How do I participate in the GDWC?!

It's super easy! Just create an account by clicking the button at the top, and then submit your game.

There's multiple categories to participate in. Check them out here.

Why is GDWC organized?

To celebrate games and game developers from all over the world! We believe in new game developers and want to offer as many as possible a chance to showcase their games for a larger audience.

To ensure everyone can participate in the Championship, the submissions are completely free.

Our goal has been to form GDWC into a great opportinity for Game Developers to get visibility for their games and projects, and to motivate themselves to finish their games.

Want to learn more? Read our Championship Rules here and check out our Frequently Asked Questions here.



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  • Check Out September's Top 10 Indie Games!

    For those looking for something new, we have some fun indie games to check out! We have gathered all of your votes and engagement from August, which has determined the Top 10 Indie Games of September!

    1. Berserk Boy by Berserkboy Games
    A vibrant, retro-inspired 2D action platformer that lets you… GO BERSERK!

    2. Soulstone Survivors by Game Smithing
    An action roguelite where you slay hordes of foes and face titanic bosses while learning powerful skills to enhance your character.

    3. COGNAC by Cognac Ultimate Devs Team
    An early in development shooter and a recurring fan favorite top 3 choice since June!

    4. Cheese Game by The Cheese Gamer
    Armed with nothing more than a dash and a hunger for survival, fend off the beasts that desire to slice you up and put you on a platter.

    5. Pack Cat 2 by SniTEX24's Games
    After eating a lot of tuna, you found a Tuna Factory nearby. Yeah, this is gonna turn chaotic.

    6. Out Of Sight by Da Dawg Team
    A unique 2nd person perspective where you play as a blinded girl that has been kidnapped. The girl can't see but she has her beloved teddy bear that grants her vision.

    7. Radio Free Europa by Coffee Puck Games
    A top-down spaceship shooter with twin-stick gamepad controls, frantic bullet-hell gameplay, and original music. Defeat waves of enemies and massive bosses.

    8. Space Boat by Recombobulator Games
    Play as Inspector Domino, a space cat detective, charged with finding a shapeshifting thief.

    9. Edgar by Spacefarer Games Ltd
    A steampunk inspired platformer and hack n slash with a poetic story, challenging platforming and strategy based levels with a unique Ghost Phase shift ability!

    10. Slay the Princess by Black Tabby Games
    You're here to slay the Princess. Don't believe her lies. You're here to slay her. If you don't, it will be the end of the world.

    There you have it! This was the Top 10 Indie Games of September. Which of these Indie games are you looking forward to playing? Check out our video and let us know in the comments!
  • Student Game Award with Autodesk is Back for GDWC 2022!

    Awesome news to all student game developers! We've once again partnering with the awesome folks at Autodesk to bring back Student Game Award for GDWC 2022! The submissions are now open!

    Student Game Award '22!
    This year the Student Game Award is again open for student-developed projects on all digital platforms. You don't have to specifically be studying game development, all students are welcome as long as you have a project to show us.

    The projects must be non-commercial and all kinds of projects are welcome from 2D to 3D and whatever else you may come up. Games must be developed by a team of current or recently graduated students. Due to the increased wave and interest towards self-studying and online-learning, this year we're also accepting first-time game projects from self-studying developers.

    Five best teams are in Student Game Award are rewarded with fame and visibility via Exclusive Interviews in Autodesk AREA, and some awesome Autodesk swag.

    The Winning team will also get top-of-the-line tools in the form of Autodesk Licenses, and get some in-depth industry knowledge in the form of an executive coaching session.

    How to join?!
    If you have a student project and are already enrolled in GDWC 2022, you need to edit your submission. Simply go to your dashboard, click "Edit" on your game, select the "Student Game Award" under Open Categories, and click Submit.

    If you haven't joined GDWC yet, but you have a student project, join now by creating an account and submitting your game. Submissions are open until end of February 2023.

    Teachers may also submit projects on behalf of their students.

    Join the Student Game Award here!

    Autodesk is the software company behind professional 3D animation and modeling tools like Maya and 3ds Max. We at GDWC collaborated with Autodesk in GDWC 2021 and introduced the Student Game Award for student-developed projects for the first time. The category gathered over 200 very high-quality submissions from all over the world.

    Check out Autodesk here
  • Xsolla Game of the Year Award with $5,000 Cash Prize!

    We are super excited to announce Xsolla as the latest sponsor for GDWC 2022! Together we're introducing a new award for this year's championship: The Xsolla Game of the Year Award!

    This award comes with a whopping 5000 US Dollar cash prize! The award is open for all new and current GDWC 2022 competitors with a commercial game.

    Xsolla is an international video game trading company with a robust and powerful set of tools and services designed specifically for the gaming industry. As our partners, they provide prizes for participants to find the right business partner and funding or business solutions for the success of their game.

    How to participate in the Xsolla Game of the Year Award?

    If you're already enrolled in GDWC 2022, you need to update your submission to compete for this award as well. Simply edit your game submission and select the Xsolla Game of the Year Award as one of the categories to participate in.

    If you're not yet enrolled, now's the perfect time to join the championship and compete for the total of $100,000+ in rewards and giveaways. Just remember to select the Xsolla Game of the Year Award as one of your competition categories.
  • August Top 10 Games have been ranked!

    Another month has passed and another set of Top 10 games have been picked! Check this list out and you'll know what games you should be playing this month.

    Two Falls (Nishu Takuatshina) took the first place for August. The game is developed by Unreliable Narrators, an independent video game studio from Quebec, Canada, who are creating narrative games with the goal of giving a voice to people that aren't heard often enough.

    Two Falls (Nishu Takuatshina) is a narrative-driven game that lets you live the intertwining journeys of Jeanne, a shipwrecked girl stranded far from the French colonies, and Maikan, a young Innu forced to travel west when his people are afflicted by a strange illness. The story takes place in the wilderness of 17th Century Canada and your choices will shape the respective paths of our two protagonists, but the actions of one may have consequences for the other.

    More info about Two Falls here.

    2nd place: Backpack Hero by developer Jaspel. BACKPACK HERO is a fun, challenging and totally unique twist on your standard deck-building roguelike! Collect rare items, organize your backpack, storm the dungeons and vanquish your foes! More info about Backpack Hero.

    3rd place: was taken by COGNAC Online Multiplayer Photorealistic Metaverse by Cognac Ultimate Devs Team. Cognac is an online multiplayer TDM game with photo-realistic maps created using real-life environments. More info about Cognac.

    4th place: Sclash by Bevel bakery. Sclash is a tense 2D plug'n play samurai dueling game where battles are won with a single swing of the blade. More info about Sclash.

    5th place: Scarlet Hollow by Black Tabby Games. Scarlet Hollow is an immersive horror-mystery with sharp writing, impactful choices, and meticulously hand-drawn art from award-winning graphic novelist Abby Howard. More info about Scarlet Hollow.

    6th place: The Occultist by Pentakill Studios. A first person narrative horror videogame with hints of RPG. You will play an expert occultist who is able to see and to interact with the other reality and investigate paranormal cases. More info about The Occultist.

    7th place: Redemption of the Damned by MiroWin studio A simulator of a hunt for evil spirits in the setting of 17th century European occultism with the combination of the structure and principles of Diablo I and combat mechanics of the Resident Evil 7-8 series. More info about Redemption of the Damned.

    8th place: A World of Little Legends by Artimus. A World of Little Legends is "Minecraft layed flat" as someone described it. The game uses modern possibilities, yet wants to look like we have 90s games in our minds, but within a procedurally generated open world survival craft setting. More info about A World of Little Legends.

    9th place: Hitori Kakurenbo Online by Infinite Thread Games. Social multiplayer based on the viral Hitori Kakurenbo japanese ritual. You play as the evil Doll or as one of the irresponsible teenagers that prepared the ritual in quick fun replayable games. More info about Hitori Kakurenbo Online.

    10th place: One Last Breath by Moonatic Studios. All hope rests on Gaia, a powerful being born from mother nature's last breath. Use her abilities to alter the environment, escape from dangerous creatures, solve thoughtful puzzles and survive in this dying world while giving birth to it. More info about One Last Breath.

    If you have a game and are interested in joining the championship, you can find more info, categories, and rewards on the GDWC 2022 site here.
  • Over $100,000 Prize Pool at the Game Development World Championship 2022!

    The Game Development World Championship 2022 (GDWC), one of the biggest game development competitions in the world will be giving out prizes and giveaways worth over $100,000 this year. This is the largest prize pool in the Championship's history.

    Prizes are spread across multiple categories and many giveaways are available to all championship participants. Prizes and giveaways vary from software licenses and development tools to hardware, visibility, and paid-for games industry networking trips. New prizes are also constantly added. Check out prizes and giveaways here.

    Whether you are a professional, hobbyist, student game developer, or just interested in the craft overall, you're welcome to join the championship. You just need to have a game that's released or in development this year. Participation is free and done through the GDWC website.

    Join the championship and check out the prizes at
  • Playdew Releases Steam Demo for its Upcoming Puzzle Title" Lost twins 2"

    Playdew Releases Steam Demo for its Upcoming Puzzle Title" Lost twins 2"
    Playdew launched the steam demo and announced the mobile version for the Chinese audience

    July 9, 2022 - Islamabad - Playdew announced some more exciting news about its upcoming game "Lost Twins 2". The developer announced the mobile version for China and will be launching the steam version during the PAX rising showcase. The demo is available for both Windows and Mac. The game has already snatched wins under its name despite being still in development. The game was the winner for PRO PC Game of the year at GDWC 2021 announced earlier this year.

    Lost twins 2 is a puzzle platformer title following the journey of two twin siblings - Abi & Ben as they traverse through an unknown world filled with magic and mystery. The game has Miyazaki inspired, amazingly cute and vibrant visuals which are a delight to watch.

    A signature sliding puzzle mechanic forms the core of the game along with different puzzle elements such as pressure switches, water gates, breakable walls, elevators, bridges, musical puzzles and more. Each level in the game is divided into a grid of 2x2 or 2x3 and players can slide and match the level's environment and make new paths for themselves. The ultimate objective remains to unite with your lost sibling through the slide and match grid mechanic and solve the puzzle together and reach the exit portal. It's a game to play with and explore at your own pace. Each level is hand crafted and built in detail to ensure there is no repetitiveness and each puzzle feels new and unique.

    With the demo out, the official release is not so far away. The game is said to drop in late 2022 - early 2023 with no official confirmed date from the developer. All those waiting for the game can try out the demo and Wishlist the game on Steam to show their support.

    Lost Twins 2 won the Pro PC Game of the Year Award in the Game Development World Championship 2021.

    Follow Playdew on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, and check out their Youtube channel.
  • Funky Dango's There You Are: Autodesk Interview

    We were honored to have Autodesk as our sponsor for Student Game Award in 2021. Autodesk is a multinational software corporation that makes software products and services for the architecture, engineering, construction, manufacturing, media, education and entertainment industries. During the Student Game Award there were five finalists that won the price of an interview with Autodesk, with one of the games being There You Are. The other four games were Astreia's Gift, Lysfangha, Postbird in Provence and Incarnation. You can find the interview with Idan Rooze, the game developer of Incarnation here.

    There You Are is an exploratory narrative game that features stop-motion-inspired graphic design and two endings from the player's choices and actions. In this game, the player will role-play the girl, Su, to deal with her father's relationship to move away from the past and accept the loss of her mom. While many games already touch on this type of topic to a certain extent, There You Are uses both storytelling methods and game design principles to exquisitely craft each story beat and depict an emotional bittersweet story. The team responsible for this finalist game are Rong Deng and Rui Huang or better known as Funky Dango and they come from Los Angeles. They succeeded in creating visuals in a unique, 3D stop-motion art style that compliments the poignant mediation on grief at the center of the game's narrative.

    There You Are gameplay

    Finally, through the interview with Autodesk, we are learning some interesting facts about the game dev duo and There You Are. What were some of the biggest challenges in developing the game and what is Funky Dango working on next? Check out the the full interview here to get the answers!
  • Top 10 Indie Games You'll Want to Play in July!

    For those looking for something new, we have some fun Indie games to offer! We have gathered all of your votes and engagement for the last month so we can determine the Top 10 Indie Games of July! Do you wonder how the list works? You can learn more about the Monthly Top 10 here. Also, don't forget that you can visit our website where we have recently opened up all the games to the public, so you can easily explore the games that have been submitted over the years and find new gems to play. Now let's discover what is on the list!

    1. COGNAC by Cognac Ultimate Devs Team
    An early in development shooter and a fan favorite also getting the first spot on our June list!

    2. BACKPACK HERO by Jaspel LLC
    A deck building roguelike where your backpack and its contents have huge effects on the power that you wield.

    3. One Last Breath by Moonatic Studios
    A gorgeous 2.5D platformer where you control nature to overcome your surroundings.

    4. Hitori Kakurenbo Online by Infinite Thread Games
    An asymmetrical multiplayer horror game where you play as either one of the teens or as the evil doll.

    5. Moose Around by Vamoose
    A wacky trip to Sweden where you play as a moose bent on destruction.

    6. Jaws of Extinction by KYE Creations
    A survival horror RPG on a huge scale playable with up to four players.

    7. Dash Hale by Flat Voxel
    A fast-paced action runner set in a freely rotatable world.

    8. Sclash by Bevel bakery
    An epic 2D samurai dueling game set in Japan.

    9. Rock 'n' Roll Will Never Die! by Valtteri Tavast
    An 80's glam metal themed point-and-click adventure game.

    10. Overlapped by Screenshakes
    A first person puzzle game where you mix overlapping realities.

    There you have it! This was the Top 10 Indie Games of July. Which Indie games are you looking forward to playing this month? Check out our video and let us know in the comments!
  • New Series: Our Top 5 Horror Games Influenced by Resident Evil & The Last of Us

    We are excited to announce our New Series, where we show you Indie games that were submitted to GDWC over the years that have been influenced by well-known games! Are you looking for new gems to scare you off? In this episode we are introducing our Top 5 Games inspired by Resident Evil and The Last of Us. Through this list you'll find horror vibes, environmental puzzles, strong characters who can overcome any near-death situations and zombies or some monster chasing. Keep reading to explore the depths of fear with us!

    1. Alisa

    Starting off with the first game on our list Alisa, which is a stylized, classic late-90s style horror-themed action adventure game set in a fantasy universe and it reminds us of PS1 era Resident Evil games. You play as an Elite Royal Agent called Alisa and you are chasing a wanted criminal, ending up in an old Victorian mansion. You try to find a way out while being haunted by materialized/mechanized doll-like humanoids.

    2. MADiSON

    The second game MADiSON is definitely the scariest game on our list! It is a first person psychological horror game, featuring disturbing gameplay and an unsettling and compelling narrative. You play as Luca, as you wake up in a mansion without being aware of how you ended up in that situation and the only way to end the torture is to follow the instructions of a demon.

    3. At Dead Of Night

    Moving on with the third game on our list, At Dead Of Night, which is part horror film, part horror game and part ghost hunt. It seamlessly blends live-action and graphics to create a unique immersive horror experience. You play Maya, a student trapped in a remote hotel run by a psychopath called Jimmy Hall. Jimmy has tied up Maya's friends and locked them in their rooms, with evil intentions. It reminds us of Resident Evil 1 on the PS1 where full-motion videos were included.

    4. Not Dead Yet

    Our fourth pick is Not Dead Yet, which is a 1-4 player co-op, fast-paced, rogue-lite FPS, with elements of deck-building and strategy that will test your skills in creating your own build while having to manage your resources and survive restless waves of zombies. The whole gameplay is influenced by Resident Evil's mercenary mode which has been featured in a lot of their games.

    5. Zombie Simulator

    Finally, the fifth game Zombie Simulator is changing things up on our list! You play as a horde of zombies, as you try to conquer the heavily defended city. You can grow your swarm of zombies, while trying to get through the waves of machine gun bullets, armored vehicles and anything you can think of that will try and stop zombies.

    And there you have it! Those are our picks for the Top 5 Horror Games influenced by Resident Evil and The Last of Us. Are you brave enough to face the scary challenges you experience in these games? Check out our video and let us know what you think!
  • Learning More About Idan Rooze's Incarnation: Autodesk Interview

    We were honored to have Autodesk as our sponsor for Student Game Award in 2021. Autodesk is a multinational software corporation that makes software products and services for the architecture, engineering, construction, manufacturing, media, education and entertainment industries. During the Student Game Award there were five finalists that won the price of an interview with Autodesk, with one of the games being Incarnation. The other four games were Astreia's Gift, Lysfangha, Postbird in Provence and There You Are.

    Incarnation is a mouse-only roguelite with reverse progression. In this game you get to experience a divine entity's descent from the heavens through a series of procedurally generated levels. After each level, you must lose one of your celestial powers until you are completely transformed into a human. From intuitive controls to its unique take on pixel-art visuals, the solo game developer Idan Rooze created everything in the game by himself except for the soundtrack which was done by Amit Katzengold. Idan is a game developer from Israel and he has been making games since he was a kid. As he mentions, despite indie creators being a small community, they are exceptional at game innovations.

    Incarnation gameplay

    Moreover, through the interview with Autodesk, Idan is providing us with some interesting insights on Incarnation and his success during the Student Game Award. What does a solo game developer have to say to others considering submitting to GDWC and what made Idan's game so special to our judges? He also tells us more about his choice working solo opposed to a team and the pros and cons that come along with that. Find out more about it here!


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