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What is GDWC?

GDWC stands for the Game Development World Championship, which is an annual global competition for game developers of all shapes, sizes, and backgrounds. You're welcome to submit your game whether you're a professional developer, a hobbyist, a student, or just interested in game development in general.

When does GDWC happen?

GDWC is basically constantly running. 2022 season submission period runs from March 7th 2022 for a whole year, ending on February 28th 2023. During this period we take submissions for GDWC 2022 and conduct various activities to highlight participating games and developers.

GDWC 2022 will culminate in an Awards Show during Spring 2023. Location and date to be announced later.

Where is GDWC taking place?

GDWC is fully Online competition and no travel is required. This is to allow anyone interested from anywhere in the world to join.

How do I participate in the GDWC?!

It's super easy! Just create an account by clicking the button at the top, and then submit your game.

There's multiple categories to participate in. Check them out here.

Why is GDWC organized?

To celebrate games and game developers from all over the world! We believe in new game developers and want to offer as many as possible a chance to showcase their games for a larger audience.

To ensure everyone can participate in the Championship, the submissions are completely free.

Our goal has been to form GDWC into a great opportunity for Game Developers to get visibility for their games and projects, and to motivate themselves to finish their games.

Want to learn more? Read our Championship Rules here and check out our Frequently Asked Questions here.



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  • Bob: A Thousand Lives Takes 1st Place in February Top 10 Ranking!

    Bob: A Thousand Lives by a trio from Hungary has won the monthly games ranking for January. Congrats to the winning team!

    Bob: A Thousand Lives is a dark themed action platformer where you play as the titular Bob. Throughout your adventure, Bob must overcome his biggest challenge, overcoming his past. Do no wait for help or guidance here, you are completely alone.

    NERF Superblast by Nitro Games
    Mobile multiplayer action shooter

    Lifespace Traveler by Dino Trnka
    Lifespace Traveler is an action-packed, easy to learn, hard to master cyberpunk game.

    A World of Little Legends by Artimus
    A World of Little Legends is like Minecraft, Stardew and Zelda having a baby together.

    BattleReign by VecuryInteractive Inc
    Free to play Third Person Shooter game set for Henna to challenge and Liberate Nexirus.

    Bonding Ambivalence by Questions Factory
    Bonding Ambivalence is a unique coop experience based on a French cyberpunk universe. As a special police unit, you and your partner are brought to investigate a sudden shutdown of a research facility.

    Two Sisters by Bad Room Studio
    Witness the dark scene of a massacre, in the role of photographer Bárbara, who received an unusual proposal: Photograph a village with bizarre secrets from decades ago.

    Each Other by Smeeki
    In this new puzzle game, guide Edwin and Judy through an original story and many levels. And help them to avoid the eye of the supervisors and to escape from their orphanage for the least strange...

    SELINI by Cymban
    Discover the lore of a ruined and dystopian world, simply by observing the environments, the colors and body language through a cryptic and alluring journey of foggy wastelands, abandoned machinery and forgotten ruins.

    Spirits of Baciu - Prologue by Horns Level Up Games
    Spirits of Baciu - Prologue is an atmospheric puzzle adventure game set in Hoia Baciu forest, one of the most haunted places of the planet. You will follow the adventure of a little spirit waking up into the woods. Coming soon to Kickstarter
  • Bob: A Thousand Lives Takes 1st Place in January Top 10 Ranking!

    Bob: A Thousand Lives by a trio from Hungary has won the monthly games ranking for January. Congrats to the winning team!

    In Bob: A thousand lives the classic HARD and PRECISE TASKS platformer characteristics come to life, where our age's 'I'll do it for you' principles don't apply. Out now on and Microsoft Store

    Avani by DigiPen Bilbao - Kyuut Kats
    Isometric action-adventure game.

    Homecoming by BlondeStudios
    A loop-based game in which you have to find a way out of the nightmare you are trapped in.

    Jacktus Green: The Fluffy, the Spiky and the Spicy by The Bronchos - Games
    Jump, dash, and hook around in this 2.5D platformer.

    Arima's Shadow by TheBagli
    An arcade platformer game where you will try to collect coins while shadows of your past follow you. Each time you collect a coin a new shadow will start following you, so plan carefully what will be your next step.

    WatanOS by Watanoge
    WatanOS is a puzzle sandbox game that puts you behind a computer screen, on your own fake Operating System made for cryptic enthusiasts.

    A comedic visual novel where you're a knight dating other knights in your local area.

    ART IS RIFLE by Arman Pakan
    ART IS RIFLE is an open-world, FPS, puzzle platformer with rhythmic gameplay and psychedelic art style.

    Game of Seven by Game of Seven
    The 7 by 7 Heavenly Board Game for mobile devices and PCs. Command your 7 angels to capture the gates of heaven.

    A World of Little Legends by Artimus
    Little Legends uses modern possibilities, yet wants to look like we have 90s games in our minds, but within a procedurally generated open-world survival craft setting.
  • Sequence Joins in Supporting GDWC 2022!
    We're excited to announce Sequence as a new supporter of GDWC 2022! If you've been thinking about taking your current or future project into the web3 realm, check how Sequence can help you.

    Sequence is the all-in-one developer platform and smart wallet that makes building web3 games and applications easy. With a seamless smart wallet, Token and NFT APIs, Indexer, Relayer for gasless transactions, Onramps, Node Gateway, SDKs for mobile, Unity, Unreal Engine, and Marketplaces and more, Sequence gives you the tools to deliver a seamless web3 experience to your users. Plus Sequence is entirely modular, so you can use whichever components you specifically need for your game.

    Sequence believes that games are going to be one of the biggest entry points to web3 and is excited to partner with game builders of all sizes to make that happen.

    Sequence is built by Horizon, the creators of Skyweaver which has been touted as "the best blockchain game." By leveraging Sequence, Horizon was able to create a free-to-play trading card game where players can own, trade and gift their cards. Deeply strategic gameplay combined with a player-owned marketplace lets gamers win tradable SFT cards on their journey to becoming a legendary Skyweaver!

    You can start building with Sequence today or you can experience what can be built using Sequence by trying out Skyweaver.

  • Gcore Joins GDWC 2022!

    We're super happy to welcome Gcore on board as one of the supporters of GDWC 2022!

    Gcore is one of the international leaders in cloud computing, content delivery, hosting, and security solutions. They manage a global infrastructure with first-class edge and cloud-based services spanning six continents with 150+ points of presence around the world. With one of the best network performances in Europe, North America, Asia or Latin America, Gcore provides speeds of 3-5 milliseconds in several regions.

    Gcore's clients range from telecom, finance, retail, media, software development & publishing, SaaS providers, and manufacturing, to video games where they are trusted by companies such as World of Tanks developer, RedFox Games, Saber Interactive, and Bandai Namco.

    Gcore Edge Cloud offers over 20 IaaS & PaaS services, Bare metal servers, and AI infrastructure based on Graphcore IPUs. Setup is also easy via self-service portal and the user-friendly control panel, supported by a solid knowledge base & documentation.

    If you're looking for cloud services provider for your game, check how Gcore can help you here!
  • The Defense of Trewel Towers Takes 1st Place in December Top 10 Ranking!

    The Defense of Trewel Towers by a student development team Trewel Towers from Quinnipiac University in Connecticut has won the monthly games ranking for December. Congrats to the winning team!

    The Defense of Trewel Towers, or Trewel Towers, is a VR tower defense game. It contains a story mode as well as a 1-4 player endless mode. Still in development with student team.

    Nerthus: Einar's Fate by Tomato Rangers - Game Studio
    Frenetic third person shooter.

    Light On Light off by DT Corp
    Experience the dark and gory world of Light On Light Off Game

    DarkenDerek the last fallen by ACTIONGAMES.c.l.r.
    Arm yourself to the teeth and prevent aliens to kidnap our beloved woman.
    Kick back invaders to their own galaxy or kill them all!
    Will you be able to save all girls bringing peace again in Club City?

    Kankerspokenjagers (Cancer Ghost Hunters) by 038Games
    Kankerspokenjagers is a serious game which helps children (5-8yr) who have a parent with cancer. Through this mobile game they learn about coping with the feelings they might have and get to know more about the medical process through play.

    Red Trigger 2 by Bold Spirit Game Studio
    Red Trigger 2 is an FPS Puzzle Game inspired by Portal, Antichamber and more. Use a gun that can expand or retract red blocks, but you can only expand three at a time, so you'll need to manage your energy wisely.

    COGNAC - Bringing Real Life Photorealism to every gamer. by COGNAC TEAM
    Cognac is The only game in the world that is bringing Photorealism to every gamer in every house in the world.

    Game Of Seven by Game Of Seven
    The 7 by 7 Heavenly Board Game for mobile devices and PCs. Command your 7 angels to capture the gates of heaven! Developed and published by Seven Interactive Ltd.

    PHYAKH by SmileFrogGames
    Story-driven, action adventure combining exploration with fast-paced combat games.

    Dreams of Adventure by Farting Rainbow Production
    Old school, retro, pixel and hardcore game. Game where choice maters and impacts your game depending on your decisions.
  • First Valco Headphones Winners Drawn!

    We're drawing four sets of Valco ANC Headphones between all teams that fill out the technical survey.

    First two headphone winners have been drawn and they are Murdock, the developer behind game Everyone Moves With You, and XAEONGAMES, the developer of The Nightmare Catcher. Congrats to the winners!

    Next pairs of headphones will be drawn in January. If you've already filled out the technical survey, you're automatically in the draw. If you haven't, you can find it in the game submission form.

    Check out Valco's products here!
  • November Top 10 Games ranked for GDWC 2022!

    November's top 10 games have been ranked, with the crown going to Aces in the Dust! Congrats to the winners! Check out all top 10 games below.

    Aces in the Dust by DUV Studios
    Take command of a team of three elite Airmen! Each of them pilots a warplane equipped with the most powerful experimental weapons to date. Shoot down enemies using machine guns, missiles, energy cannons and… a laser beam!

    25 Seconds by Kings Games
    Watch out! don't let the plasma fall on you!

    Card Survival: Tropical Island by Winterspring Games
    Card Survival is a card-based survival experience. Stranded on a desert island you must use your wits and skills to stay alive. Use cards and combine them together to explore, gather resources and craft useful tools.

    Last Christmas by polytely games
    A classical style Point and Click Adventure Game telling a story of Frankie who is preparing the perfect Christmas for his girlfriend Betty in their family cabin, but things aren't as they seem.

    Cognac Metaverse by COGNAC TEAM
    Cognac is The only game in the world that is bringing Photorealism to every gamer in every house in the world.

    Dreams of Adventure by Farting Rainbow Production
    Old school, retro, pixel and hardcore game. Game where choice maters and impacts your game depending on your decisions.

    TOKKI by Include Game135
    TOKKI is my first game dev project and it's a fun, casual platformer with sharp controls and challenging levels, inspired by my Maltese Dog named Toki and his love for collecting his toys and putting them in his dog bed.

    Don't Give Up On Me! by Stefannofornari Games
    A confession goes wrong in multiple ways and days, but you cannot give up!

    Eldrum: Red Tide by Act None
    A deep and immersive mobile RPG featuring far reaching consequences of player choices, turn-based combat and branching narrative. A modern take on old-school text adventure games!

    Jacktus Green: The Fluffy, the Spiky and the Spicy by The Bronchos - Games
    Chase Guindilla to retrieve your beloved Cattus! Jump, dash, and hook around in this 2.5D platformer. Discover different levels, fight enemies, ride minecarts and meet the bizarre neighbors of Sofrito Town.
  • IndieLand 2022 is right around the corner and will feature games from GDWC!

    IndieLand is back this year with a hybrid streaming & live event! The event is once again hosted by Jirard Khalil, also known as the Youtuber The Completionist, and will celebrate indie games while fundraising to support dementia research.

    IndieLand will feature an army of great indie games, many of which once again come from the ranks of GDWC participants. We're super excited for this chance to again collaborate with IndieLand and to help bring more awesome games to the limelight and to support the fight against dementia!

    You can watch IndieLand streamed live on The Completionist Twitch channel from afternoon Friday November 11th to evening Sunday 13th!

    If you're looking to join the event on location, check out details and tickets here.

    David takes a deep dive into the dark pool of horror games to learn their secrets. Check it out!
  • The Very Best Psychological Horror Games of GDWC 2022!

    David lists his favourite psychological horror games in this video.

    Check it out!


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