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Burn Me Alive 2

Game info

The genre of our game is a mixture of psychological horror and drama with elements of action, survival melee, and shooting.

Burn Me Alive 2 - A psychological action horror game set in Tennessee, 1977. The story revolves around Henry and his struggles with loss and grief, but prepare yourself for an ending that you never imagined! This intricate game will twist fear through you, combining close-combat scenes with puzzles that demand strategy and logic. Using the Unreal Engine 4, the game brings you into the creators' vision - and into the mind of Henry and the terrifying world he must overcome. Combat gameplay, strategy and logic, and a convoluted psycho-thriller plot come together in Burn Me Alive 2!

The Game:

You play as Henry Gray, a man who lost his family in a terrible fire. He works as a watchman at the same cemetery where his wife and son are buried. Unable to come to terms with his grief, he lives there, alone with his dog. It is as close as he can be to his beloved family, but it is a hollow comfort. In Burn Me Alive Part 1 Henry's rough slumber was broken one night by the angry barking of his dog Charlie. Stumbling through his fatigue, and a monstrous hangover, he goes outside only to find a bizarre note. A note telling him he can have his family back if he performs a strange ritual. In his grief Henry anxiously does everything the note describes, bringing himself even to the sacrifice of his beloved dog. Henry has no idea who left this note or who could even make such an offer, but he needs to try anything he can. During the ritual, strange things begin to happen. Henry is gripped with terror but pushes on. Someone speaks but Henry knows not who. He takes the stranger for an ominous demon, the one who suggested this ritual. Burn Me Alive 2 begins here, as Henry uncovers the mysteries of his wife's death, who is behind the ritual he began and is now immersed in, and the truth of the world he has been living in. The overall atmosphere of the game is grimy, and dark. There is a strangeness throughout, of nightmarish sensations and occult symbolism. And the question persists: what of Henry's new world is real?


Various elements are gradually introduced during the game. In the beginning players can only walk, and gain the ability to run later.

There are combat mechanics and by the end players can shoot enemies. Players can also choose not to engage in close combat and sneak past enemies in the shadows or run, depending on the situation. They may also close doors behind them in order to stall chasing adversaries.

Players have an inventory in which they store quest items such as keys, but inventory management strategies are not required.

There are notes scattered around the game that players can read for hints and there is plot resolution for patient and attentive players who wish to see the complete picture of what has transpired. In a sense, Burn Me Alive is an investigation of its own story.

The Developers:

Working in Yerevan, Armenia, Davit and Arshak have been avid video game players since childhood and big admirers of the art of video gaming.

Davit Galoyan and Arshak Khachatryan, ASD Studios
"We were especially fascinated by horror games. We have also been very imaginative and creative, and have often dreamed about creating games and exploring our creative potential. We have been obsessed with this idea for many years and wanted to share our emotions with our audience."

Please help Davit and Arshak bring this great game to the world!

Mature Content: Extreme Violence or Gore
Commercial:Game is Paid
Categories: Indie Category
Genres: Action, Fighting, Puzzle, Shooter, Survival, xorror
Players: Single player
Themes:Fantasy, Horror
Platforms: PC
Status: Unreleased, 2022
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Davit Galoyan

independent developer

Team Page:asdstudio

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