Super Realistic Autocross

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Super Realistic Autocross is an arcade-style racing simulator that brings the fun of Solo Autocross to your computer. Play dozens of tracks that hone your driving skills and teach the basics of Autocross, a real sport that not many know about. Unlock a variety of cars, each with different driving styles to master. Complete extraordinary challenges using the skill you learn as your rank up. And, more importantly, prove yourself and beat the most gifted racers out there. - Coming soon to Xbox One and Steam VR! -

Category: Pro
Platform: PC
Status: Released


Doonamai is an independent games developer focused on bringing new, creative, family-friendly games to the community. The studio's goal is to progress toward Local Co-op and Online Multiplayer games that promote a better social atmosphere for gamers. Doonamai's first title, Super Realistic Autocross, allows players to learn and enjoy Autocross racing in the form of an arcade-style racing simulation game.

Country: USA
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