Dungeons & Dancers

Game info

Dungeons & Dancers offers you the perfect plan: go partying without leaving your cave. This hilarious rhythm-based video game for PC and consoles mixes up the epic fantasy world with the present music scene to create a crazy adventure where the ultimate weapon is your rhythm skills. Gather the best heroes and enroll yourself in an epic adventure. Crawl into the guts of the Dancegeons, musical cursed dungeons. Follow the beat of the music to avoid falling into the traps and being caught by all the enemies that will relentlessly try to kill your swag. The best you follow the rhythm the more you'll be musically rewarded! Collect all the treasures and escape before the time runs out!

Category: Pro, Game Jam
Platform: PC, Console
Status: Unreleased
Link: impressivent.itch.io

Impressive Entertainment

We're Impressive Entertainment, a team of 7 video game lovers based in Barcelona. The studio was originally founded by two friends from college in 2015. By start participating in several "Gamejams" and developing personal projects, we finally found the communication tone that characterizes our games: "Simple idea games with easy to learn mechanics and tons of humor". All your fun are belong to us!

Country: Spain
Members: 7