Crystal Ninja

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NOTE: THIS GAME IS CURRENTLY IN DEVELOPMENT. YOU CAN ONLY PLAY THE JAM VERSION FOR NOW. Welcome to the Cozy Cove™! Here, you can chill out, play some games with your buddies, or... walk into the CHAMBER OF DEATH!!! That's right! Escape the approaching Wall of Shame by grappling yourself upwards! Dodge the maces and spikes and try to collect as many crystals as you can! You're the Crystal Ninja, after all. But wait, there's a twist... wasn't I here already..? That's the doorway where I came in! DÉJÀ VU! You're just walking in circles... or loops. This game was actually made for 8 game jams AT ONCE. Yes, I followed all of their themes and restrictions. FLOOD: The Crystal Ninja will probably be expanded in the future into a full Downwell-like arcade game for PC and Mobile.

Category: Hobby, Game Jam
Platform: PC
Status: Beta

The Green Bean Company

Hi! I'm 89o, GameMaker developer for over 3 years. My goal is to show people that video games are the artform of the 21st century. I have made tons of game jam games, and I'm currently working on a ~2 year project, Kråmening.

Country: Poland
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