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This week in the Gaming with Game Devs stream we'll once again check out bunch of great games with the developers, LIVE!

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Stream schedule:
Thursday, March 25th at:
16:00 / 4:00 pm (UTC) A-Star Theft by Kehler Creations
16:30 / 4:30 pm (UTC) Plastris by Khud0
17:00 / 5:00 pm (UTC) Linda & Joan Prologue: "Four Months Earlier" by False Vacuum Games

A-Star Theft by Kehler Creations
A-Star Theft allows the player to execute heists with a wide variety of methods. Sneak or shoot your way to the loot using specialized equipment tailored to each strategy. Play as Logan Huntborn, and fight to keep your crew safe and free after getting offered a deal.

Plastris by Khud0
Plastris is a puzzle game, created with a pure purpose of helping you relax. The goal of Plastris is simple, you just need to fill in all the cells on the screen while using two different shapes: one shape places objects into its bounds and another one - removes them.

Linda & Joan Prologue: "Four Months Earlier" by False Vacuum Games
Linda & Joan is a narrative game about a British family. You play as Russell, Linda, and Joan — son, mother, and grandmother — switching between them to help the family cope with a series of traumatic events. Based on a true story. Prologue: "Four Months Earlier" is part one of the story and will be available in July 2020. Part two, the main Linda & Joan game, is coming in 2022.