GDWC 2021 Weekly Vote Round 4 Nominees!

Fourth round of weekly votes has arrived! Once again nine awesome games are up for vote! Check out the Nominees below and vote for your favorite!

As always, the winner of the Weekly Vote will move on to the Final Vote on the Fan Favorite category at the end of the GDWC 2021!

Check out the Nominees:

Rust Racers
Nethash Games, Sweden
Vote here!

Fractile Games, Finland
Vote here!

Doomsday Room
Doubleton Game Studio, Canada
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Digital Synapsis, Brazil
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Dusk Tactics
Dusk Tactics Project, USA
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Project Starship X
Panda Indie Studio, Italy
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Nine Noir Lives
Silvernode Studios, South Africa
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Blue Fire
Robi Studios, Argentina
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Oscar & Gems: Puzzle Quest
Alex Rybalkin, Russia
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