Demons of Asteborg Wins 7th Weekly Vote of 2021!

The seventh weekly vote has come to an end and the Winner is Demons of Asteborg by Neofid Studios from France! Congrats to the Winners! And huge thanks to all voters!

Demons Of Asteborg is a new original title for the SEGA Mega Drive / Genesis which will also be released on Nintendo Switch and Steam. Play as Gareth and fight the evil forces of Zadimus!

Check out Demons of Asteborg here!

Runners Up:
Himmapan Marshmello Saga by FairPlay Studios (Thailand) - 2nd Place
KAPIA by KAPIA (Serbia and Montenegro) - 3rd Place
Rest of the Nominees (in alphabetical order)
Big Boy Boxing by Soupmasters (Sweden)
Bullet Runner by Kami Games (Netherlands)
HANI by Starmyth (Korea, South)
Hero Among Us by Fire Horse Studio (Brazil)
Raptors of SouthEdge by SouthEdge Studios (Brazil)
StarBall by Blanket Fort Games (USA)