Retail Royale Takes the Crown in Weekly Vote Round 9!

Retail Royale by DarxDev from Cyprus has won the Fan Favorite Weekly Vote round 9! Congrats to DarxDev! And big thanks to all Nominees and Voters!

Retail Royale is "a 12 player Battle Royale inside an off-brand IKEA store, where everything is a weapon; ranging from guns - to literal couches."

Check it out here!

Runners Up:
Chrome Switcher by Chrome Switcher (USA) - 2nd Place
EchoBlade by Sunset Arctic Games (USA) - 3rd Place

Rest of the Nominees (in alphabetical order)
Bibou Quest by André Bertaglia (Brazil)
DOM RUSALOK by Yakov Butuzoff (Russia)
Kitty Tactics by Ibe Denaux and Rupert Cole (Belgium)
Lost Words: Beyond the Page by Sketchbook Games (United Kingdom)
LoveChoice by Akaba Studio (China)
Rega de Flores by Cytech Informática (Brazil)