Virtual Reality Awards Launched!

Introducing Virtual Reality Awards!
We're super excited to announce that we've partnered with the great folks at VRKiwi to expand the GDWC 2021 VR category to the next level, which is the VR Awards! There are two distinct categories in the VR Awards: Best VR Game and Best VR Prototype!

VRKiwi will reward winning teams in both categories with a Publishing Deal and other awesome prizes! More details on the VR Awards page here!

Best VR Game Prizes by VRKiwi:
- A publishing deal from VRKiwi
- Hardware prizes (to be revealed soon!)

Best VR Prototype Prizes by VRKiwi:
- A publishing deal through VRKiwi or VRKiwi's networks
- Hardware prizes (to be revealed soon!)
- Mentoring and Investor connections to realize the prototype into a full game

Both categories also come with great additional rewards from Arcweave and 1Password:
- One Year Arcweave Pro Subscription to the Winning Team
- 50% Discount Coupon to any new Arcweave subscription for the four Finalists
- 6 Months of 1Password Family Subscription to Winner and four Finalists (new 1Password subscribers only)

Participating in the VR Awards!
Participating in the VR Awards is completely free and done via the GDWC enrollment. You can join the VR Awards with your VR Game or VR-available multiplatform title. Enroll to the VR Awards here!

If you had already enrolled into the GDWC 2021 VR category, your game submission has been automatically rolled into the VR Awards Best VR Game category. If your game is in the prototype or otherwise very early development phase, we recommend that you check your category selection and consider changing your participation into the Best VR Prototype category.

If you have any questions or run into issues, send us a message at

Meet VR Kiwi!
VRKiwi is an Indie VR Studio & VR Game Publisher by MeKiwi, founded in 2014 with the vision of making & publishing premium VR games made by gamers, for gamers.

They have one of the biggest VR development and marketing focused teams in Finland, and can develop & port VR games to pretty much every possible platform you can think of: Oculus Rift, Oculus Quest, PlayStation VR, Steam, Nintendo Switch, Xbox, Pico Neo 2, NOLO VR, Viveport and many more.

VRKiwi has strategic partners with worldwide Virtual Reality technology providers which allows them to benefit from the latest headsets and follow the game industry trends that can make any title a rockstar.

Find out more and reach out to VRKiwi here and MeKiwi here!