Nyanroo the Supercat Wins Fan Favorite Vote 11!

Brazilian indie development team Golden Shelves Software takes the win in the 11th Fan Favorite Vote with their 16-bit cat-platformer-adventure Nyanroo the Supercat! Congrats!

"Nyanroo is a new platform game that pays homage to the 16-bit era. Chosen by a magic cloth you must face a gang of evil dogs trying to conquer the world. Gather different abilities with the help of the Power Yarns scattered through the world to slash and pounce your way through 14 stages and 7 amazing bosses."

Check out Nyanroo!

Runners Up:
FULL ADHD - Täyttä elämää by Psyon Games (Finland) - 2nd Place
BURNT ASHES by PANOMIXGAMES (Turkey) - 3rd Place

Rest of the Nominees (in alphabetical order)
Endline by Miniced (Canada)
JANITOR BLEEDS by Korpus (Finland)
Red Laser Z by 33Games (Brazil)
The Steps as we know them by The Provision Games (Netherlands)
Twilight Tower by Aesth (USA)
Unworthy Life by Mechanical Centurion (Germany)