Student Game Award Launches!

GDWC has partnered with Autodesk to expand the GDWC 2021 with a brand new category: Student Game Award! With this category we're looking to highlight students from all over the world developing games!

The Student Game Award category is open to all kinds of student-developed projects from 2D to 3D and anything in between. It's also open to students of all fields, whether you're studying game development or something completely different, as long as you have a game to show us, you're welcome to join!

Top 5 teams will be rewarded by visibility and cool Autodesk swag! The winning team will also get an executive coaching sessions with career coach extraordinaire, Jean Leggett!

More details on the official Student Game Award page here.

If you've already submitted a student game or project game to the GDWC 2021, you can also submit it to the Student Game Award.