The Lost Mystic Ornament Wins Fan Favorite Vote 25!

25th round of voting for Fan Favorite has come to a close and the Winner is The Lost Mystic Ornament - Action RPG by Machau Games from India! Congrats to the Winning team!

"The Powers of Dreadful Curse have spread in the Realm of Felix, you must forge your own destiny with this action-packed RPG Hack & Slash and fight your way through endless hordes of demons and all sorts of terrifying creatures."

2nd Place went to Mundaun by Hidden Fields from Switzerland.

"Mundaun is a tale set on the darker side of the Swiss Alps, with a story rooted in the chilling folklore of the region. Players follow a young man who travels to the town of Mundaun to investigate the mysterious circumstances behind his grandfather's death."

3rd Place was taken by Knights of Frontier Valley by Adamant Studios from Germany.

"Knights of Frontier Valley is an upcoming single-player fantasy survival RPG with high replay value where no two games are the same. Take on the role of an adventurer and guide him through his life in a unique and dynamic world. Gain fame and fortune, while never losing the most important goal out of sight: staying alive!"

Rest of the Nominees (in alphabetical order)
Gamitate by Team Adrian (Romania)
Memento Infernum by MGames Studio (Poland)
REDITUM by EBStar (Turkey)
Sky Fleet by Enno Games (USA)
The World After by Burning Sunset (France)
TIC-TAC: Twelve o'clock by ARMAG (Ukraine)