Business Perspective Seminars from Industry Professionals

BusinessOulu invites people from around the world to Game Team Seminar on the GDWC 2021 Awards, everyone is welcome to join! Their goal is to build a network of people interested in games and the Gaming Industry and get to know the field from a Business Perspective.

You can join either as an individual, in which case they will help you find a team, or as an existing team. Participation is free of charge. Don't worry, nobody will be single, you will find yourself a friend. ;)

One of our judges of the Student Game Award Jussi Autio, Creative Director at Resistance Games, will attend the event and will be facilitating the first stage. Jussi is a Business oriented Game Designer with 16 years of experience in the Game Industry. He is also a coach, consultant and serial-entrepreneur.

BusinessOulu joins the GDWC 2021 Awards on 16th of March 14:00 / 2 pm (GMT+2) as a part of their Seminars.

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