Xsolla Game of the Year Award with $5,000 Cash Prize!

We are super excited to announce Xsolla as the latest sponsor for GDWC 2022! Together we're introducing a new award for this year's championship: The Xsolla Game of the Year Award!

This award comes with a whopping 5000 US Dollar cash prize! The award is open for all new and current GDWC 2022 competitors with a commercial game.

Xsolla is an international video game trading company with a robust and powerful set of tools and services designed specifically for the gaming industry. As our partners, they provide prizes for participants to find the right business partner and funding or business solutions for the success of their game.

How to participate in the Xsolla Game of the Year Award?

If you're already enrolled in GDWC 2022, you need to update your submission to compete for this award as well. Simply edit your game submission and select the Xsolla Game of the Year Award as one of the categories to participate in.

If you're not yet enrolled, now's the perfect time to join the championship and compete for the total of $100,000+ in rewards and giveaways. Just remember to select the Xsolla Game of the Year Award as one of your competition categories.