GDWC 2023 Winter - Update on Judging, Awards, Categories, and Next Season

Winter Season Participation
GDWC 2023 Winter Season is closed for submissions and was again record-breaking season. This was our second half-year long season in GDWC history and we had over 1900 submissions beating previous season's, 2023 Summer, 1800+ submissions.

Judging in process
Judging is currently in process and due to this the submissions and game updates have been frozen. They will open up again soon once next season opens. Due to amount of game submissions we won't be able to provide direct feedback or situation updates to all participants. We will directly reach out to Finalists in early February.

Awards Show & Winner Announcements
Winners will be announced in a live Award Show in Tallinn, Estonia on February 23rd 2024. More details and tickets found here. Limited availability, so act fast!

The Awards Show will also be streamed live on the GDWC Youtube channel, starting at 19:00 / 7pm GMT+2 on February 23rd.

Category Cancellation - Skillz Real-Time Award
Unfortunately the Skillz Real-Time Award category did not receive a reasonable amount of eligible submissions, so we've together with the category sponsor, made the difficult decision to cancel this category. We thank Skillz for partnering with us on this category and everyone who expressed interest in it. Hopefully we can reintroduce this category in the future in a more easy to access format.

Next Season: GDWC 2024 Summer!
While the 2023 Winter Season judging is going, we're already preparing next season, 2024 Summer, for launch. Submissions will be opening in the next few weeks, so stay tuned!