ZBD joins as sponsor for GDWC 2024 Summer Season! - $2,000 Cash Prize for ZBD Bonus Prize!

We're thrilled to announce that ZBD is a proud sponsor of this year's GDWC! ZBD is elevating gaming by rewarding players with real bitcoin rewards. ZBD is changing the game for developers and gamers alike. Increase retention, engagement, and revenue.

ZBD is sponsoring the Best Mobile Game Award for all mobile games and a special ZBD Bonus Prize for games using their ZBD Rewards SDK! Winner of the ZBD Bonus Prize takes home $2,000 cash prize!

Reward. Engage. Monetize. The future of gaming is here with ZBD Rewards.

The world is more connected than ever—creating a global audience with a global reach. So we revolutionized a way for developers to connect with their users with ZBD Rewards. Simply put—ZBD Rewards pays players real Bitcoin for playing your game. Real Bitcoin rewards are proven to boost player engagement and retention, and can monetize 2-3x better than non-rewarded games.

We offer two ways to implement: Our SDK and API. Both use the Bitcoin Lightning network to power microtransactions with no minimums. And both give you access to our 1m+ community. We'll also promote your game within the ZBD app—transforming your gamers into loyal fans. Build the future with us at zbd.gg.

Sign up with ZBD Developer Account and Win $2,000 in ZBD Bonus Prize!

Learn how to add ZBD SDK to your game in the ZBD documentation here, and sign up for the ZBD developer account here.

ZBD Bonus Prize category details here.