The Brainwave Award highlights new technologies for game development and improving player experience. The category winner is selected by measuring player experience with brainwave scanning techonology developed by Brainamics. The Brainwave Award is presented in collaboration with Brainamics and The Game Development World Championship.

Brainwave Award category is open for all games participating in the GDWC 2022. GDWC will nominate five games to compete for the prize, with the winner selected by Brainamics with their player brainwave scanning technology.

Read Championship Rules and our FAQ for more detailed info.


In Brainwave Award One winner will be picked by Brainamics by using brainwave scans to measure playtesters' experience playing nominated games.

The Brainwave Award Jury Choice will have one (1) Winner. All five nominees will also receive report for the playtesting brainscan data from their game.

Winner Reward

  • Brainamics will Reward the Winning team with:
    Valued at $5,000
  • The GDWC will Reward the Winning team with:
    • GDWC 2022 Trophy and Digital Winner Certificate.
    • GDWC Swag!
    Valued at $


  • Brainamics will Reward the Runner-ups with:
    • Data from the game's brainscan analysis & testing used to determine winner
    Valued at $


Brainamics is a fast growing neurotech startup from the Technical University of Munich. The IP of Brainamics is a unique technology framework that enables the extraction of emotions directly from the human brain. To do that, Brainamics uses Electroencephalograms (EEG) and Machine Learning (ML) algorithms.

The commercial starting point is the gaming industry, where game developers use the insights into the psychology and user experience of their gamers to optimize their gameplay. During a playtest Brainamics measures the brain activity of the player and then applies its algorithms to show exactly what the player felt during every single second of the game. With this novel approach to testing games, Brainamics is currently completely revolutionizing the way game studios test, validate and optimize their games.

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