The Student Game Award is dedicated to the next generation of talented and innovative game developers and artists. Presented in collaboration with Autodesk and The Game Development World Championship.

This category highlights students for their outstanding game design and development accomplishments – from 2D to 3D and anything in between. The category is open to students from all over the world. Whether you're studying game development, biology, anthropology, or something else, or just diving into the world of game development for the first time, you can enter this category as long as you have a game to show us!

Student Game Award category is open for all games made by students and student teams during the Championship year.

Your team's game belongs to Student Game Award category if following criteria applies.

Team Criteria:
1) Team members must be students, recently graduated, or self-studying to make their first game, and 18 years of age or older.
2) Additional information is required from Team during submission.

Game Criteria:
1) Game must have been made when team members were students, or must the first project for self-studying team.
2) Game must be non-commercial.

Teachers can submit their students' projects on their behalf.

Read Championship Rules and our FAQ for more detailed info.


In Student Game Award Top 5 games will be picked in a Jury Choice by a Jury of industry veterans and professionals.

The Student Game Award Jury Choice will have one (1) Winner and four (4) Runner-ups.

Jury Choice Winner Rewards

Jury Choice Runner-up Rewards

The Student Game Award Fan Choice will have one (1) Winner and four (4) Runner-ups.

Fan Choice Winner Rewards

Fan Choice Runner-up Rewards


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