Studio Category is meant for independent studios working on commercial projects with significant funding and resources.

Your team's game belongs to Studio Category if following criteria for your Team and Game apply.

Team Criteria:
1) Your team has 200 000 € or more in funding or sales revenue within the last 12 months, or your team has 8 or more full-time team members (2x half-time members = 1 full time member, etc.).
Criteria has to apply when submitted to Championship and evaluated by GDWC.

Game Criteria:
1) Your team's Game is a commercial project, meaning it is looking to generate revenue.

2) The Game has been or will be released in 2022, or it is still in active development (including Early Access, Soft Launches, and Open Alpha / Beta) in which case original release date can be before 2022.

3) The Game is available on any of the following digital platforms: PC, Mobile, Consoles, VR/AR, Browser.

4) The Game is not a remake, re-release, or remaster, and the game is not a mod or DLC.

Read Championship Rules and our FAQ for more detailed info.


In Studio Category two sets of Top 5 games will be picked: Jury Choice and Fan Choice. Jury Choice will be picked by a Jury of industry veterans and professionals, while Fan Choice will be picked by Gamers in a popular vote. Teams will be rewarded separately in both Top 5 picks.

The Studio Category Jury Choice will have one (1) Winner and four (4) Runner-ups.

Jury Choice Winner Rewards

Jury Choice Runner-up Rewards

The Studio Category Fan Choice will have one (1) Winner and four (4) Runner-ups.

Fan Choice Winner Rewards

Fan Choice Runner-up Rewards

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