Kaiju Wars

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Play out a Kaiju movie as the (hopelessly) outclassed military in this stylish 2D turn-based strategy game. Construct buildings and defend your city with cannon-fodder tanks, jets and more as the devastating kaiju grow in power with every attack.

Advance Wars meets Into the Breach in this stylish 2D turn-based strategy game.

Kaiju are approaching the city! Scramble the jets and deploy the tanks in this 2D turn-based strategy game.
Command the army
We need more time! - Play as the mayor of Floatio city, tasked with holding off the overwhelming strength of a kaiju attack. Park tanks and jets in the monster's path to slow it down (don't worry, we have a good insurance policy).
Construct buildings! - Build sacrificial army bases and airfields to distract the kaiju and line the city streets with fodder.
Deploy experimental weapons! - Conventional weapons aren't enough; deploy experimental weapons such as freeze rays and transforming mechas to keep the kaiju at bay.
Evacuate! - Our chief scientist is working on an anti-monster serum, but it's not ready yet! Be prepared to evacuate the laboratory using transport trucks, boats, or planes when the kaiju get too close.

Fight the KAIJU!
Five unique kaiju - Each specializing in different types of destruction.
They mutate! - Tremble in fear as each kaiju grows stronger and gains devastating abilities through mid-level mutations.
Unstoppable! - Kaiju can't be killed, but can only be slowed down and forced to fall back... for now. Pepper them with ammunition, if you can..
Predictable! - They move towards the nearest building, and those scientists have mathed the exact odds as to where they might go next. Use this info wisely!

Campaign Mode!
Uncover the mystery - Strange things are happening: frequent volcanic eruptions, tsunamis and earthquakes. Find out why over the course of a 15+ hour story-based campaign.
Embark on a Campaign - Play missions from all over the world as you progress through the globe-trotting fight against kaiju. Test your wits in tactical puzzles, command dozens of units in large-scale scenarios, and fend off repeated attacks while developing your city economically in city defense missions.
Upgrade your ACES - Veteran ACE units accompany you throughout your campaign. Spend medals to upgrade and customize your top fighters.
Customize your Project Deck - Unlock powerful Project cards, customize your deck, and bring your best strategy to compete on the online leaderboard!

Twitch Integration, Custom Maps, and More!
Twitch Integration - Twitch chat are the citizens! Twitch viewers can type commands into chat to have comments appear during certain in-game events
Local Versus Mode - Two players duke it out at the same computer (or online via Steam RemotePlay), with one playing as the KAIJU, the other as the HUMANS
Create your own battles - Create your own city or scenario - Simple and easy to use, scenarios can be crafted in minutes using the drag and drop map editor
Share your creations online - Share your maps online using Steam Workshop integration
Weekly Challenges - Try our challenges and play for top spot on the weekly leaderboards

You thought being mayor of the world's greatest city was all about zoning bylaws. Then the kaiju came. Good luck.

Commercial:Game is Paid
Genres: Strategy, Turn-based
Players: Single player, Local multiplayer, Online Leaderboards
Themes:Sci-Fi, Military, Kaiju
Platforms: PC
Platforms: Windows, Mac, Linux
Status: Released, 2022
Game Link: store.steampowered.com
Trailers: youtu.be

Foolish Mortals Games Inc.

Foolish Mortals was founded in 2013, right after a game called 'DoomBlenderCave'; was made (you delve into a cave fighting potato monsters... It was pretty cool). Fast-forward some amount of time and we're now Saskatoon's only non-mobile videogame studio. Not sure if that says more about Saskatoon, or us. Diversity is the spice of life, meaning we like releasing different genres. We've made a murder mystery, a lazer rope driving game and a game where you scream into your microphone for Able company to respond GODDAMNIT!

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