Light Odyssey

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In the boss-rush action game, Light Odyssey, you challenge to be the colossus to reclaim the stolen light and embark on a journey to brighten the world, against a fallen ancient civilization.

1. Hardcore Action Game
Light Odyssey combines the elements of the roguelike genre with permanent death.
The attacks from bosses are fatal, and players will die by their attacks. Instead of restarting the game from the beginning, players can consume one life and immediately resurrect.
However, the number of lives is limited, which increases the tension as the game progresses.

2. Colossus and Unique Battles
The goal of Light Odyssey is to constantly challenge the fragile light against colossal beings.
In the game world, we maximized the scale difference between the colossus and the players so that players can have unique experiences.
Furthermore, we developed unique character designs and combat patterns for each boss, according to their themes, so, players can have new experiences with every boss.

3. Classic Action and Progressive Tension
The actions of the players in Light Odyssey are designed to be extremely minimalistic. The combat action is easy to learn, focusing on striking and evading while managing stamina.
However, the colossus possesses numerous patterns and can instantly lead the player to death.
In Light Odyssey, players can experience increasing tension between lethal deaths and limited lives, rather than defeating enemies with flashy and complex actions.
The game is challenging, but it can be complemented by elements such as unlocking abilities and growth.

4. Sentimental Visuals
In Light Odyssey, players explore a long-lost civilization. The game world is depicted on a grand scale compared to the player character, so, it evokes a sense of vulnerability and loneliness.
As the game progresses, players can discover new powers from the remnants of the ancient civilization and become a part of the world that has been taken over by colossus.
Through the game, players may feel lonely yet still experience beautiful world and encounter various cinematic cutscenes.

Commercial:Game is Paid
Genres: Action, Adventure
Players: Single player
Platforms: Console
Platforms: Windows, Mac, Linux, Xbox One, Xbox Series, Playstation 4, Playstation 5
Status: Prototype, 2024
Status: Unreleased, 2024
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Team Page:
Country:Korea, South

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