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Redgar: The Space Viking

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An action-packed, story-driven top-down shooter with vibrant pixel graphics and a pumping soundtrack. Fight your way through hallways of castlelike spaceships, neon lit alleys and futuristic medieval fortifications using various weapons and gadgets.

In the shadowed alleyways of Cyonpolis, the air hummed with the sounds of zapping lasers and the sizzle of cooking meat. These were restless times, marked by the ascent of ruthless new powers. The common folk, overwhelmed, sought refuge in inebriation, while the streets became a playground for chaos and burgeoning evil.

Many years before, a mysterious celestial rock fell from the heavens, irrevocably altering the course of history. This cosmic gift bore unprecedented technology, yet unknown to humankind. Under the guidance of ancient deities, the tyrannical King Stratos X harnessed this arcane knowledge, seeking dominion over all.

In these times of crisis lived Redgar, a young, reckless warrior from Home Village 9. In his bravery, strength, and ignorance, he was destined to become a hero - the hero of his time.

As Redgar, it's your mission to save your family and the world from the evil regime of Stratos X!

In a world where the past and future clash, staying alive can be a demanding task. Luckily, the arms industry kept up with the times and came up with new kinds of groundbreaking, futuristic weapons, such as:




And other novel innovations. Of course, there will always be the chance to use classic medieval weapons, like swords, maces, spears... they're still sharp and blunt, after all.

But this is not all. There are also SPECIAL DEVICES.

These powerful gadgets will help you massacre all enemies in a brutal way. These include, but are not limited to:




You can switch weapons and gadgets while on a mission as you find them lying around or loot from fallen enemies.

So, in short:

- Be Redgar, the legendary space Viking hero.
- Destroy your enemies with powerful medieval and sci-fi weapons.
- Use the energy shield and other special devices to turn the odds in your favor.
- Enjoy beautifully handcrafted levels.
- Explore grim spaceships and dungeons.
- Use a stealthy approach to silently kill without anyone noticing...
- ...or go out all guns blazing! The choice is yours.
- An original, electrifying soundtrack.

Additional character artwork by Enni Amari

Mature Content: Nudity or Sexual Content, Extreme Violence or Gore, Drug Use
Commercial:Game is Paid
Genres: Action, Shooter, Top-down
Players: Single player
Themes:Medieval, Sci-Fi, Cyberpunk, Fantasy
Platforms: PC
Platforms: Windows
Status: Released, 2023
Game Link:

Kamara Creations

A five-person studio based mostly in Helsinki. We are a group of childhood friends who have diverse experience in different fields of art and IT. We decided to unite our skills in the form of a video game, and after years of development, we released our first title on November 7, 2023!

Team Page:kamaracreations

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