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BACKPACK HERO is a fun, challenging and totally unique twist on your standard deck-building roguelike! Collect rare items, organize your backpack, storm the dungeons and vanquish your foes! Can you be the ultimate BACKPACK HERO?

What if the items you acquire and use within a typical roguelike became the game? What if the way you arranged them within your backpack had huge effects on their power, the way they can be used within the game and the outcome of battles? And what if you could continue to acquire more items and your backpack expanded as you progressed in the game? That is exactly what we have created with BACKPACK HERO.

The builds within the backpack are a central feature of the game. And it's fun to share and evaluate the build strategies with other players. Since the game has procedural generation the combinations of builds and levels are endless. Plus we put in some mini games to play along the way and a mixed up bunch of characters to interact with as you progress. Of course we didn't forget villains, nefarious animals, creatures and bosses. But watch out! Remember the way you arrange your items will affect the outcome of your battles. How far can go in the Dungeons? Can you create the most powerful build?

Wow! 2nd place for the month of July. Thank you for your show of love and support for our game. The gang and I are committed to making the game the best that it can be. We have recently added 2 more playable characters, including a cyborg mouse with it own wild and unique play mechanics. We are planning on adding at least 3 more playable characters, an over world and more discoverable items.

Can't wait to see you in the Dungeons! Backpack Hero will be available for Early Access, on STEAM, August 15th.

Commercial: Game is Paid
Categories: Indie Category
Genre: Card Game, Strategy, Turn-based, Roguelike, Dungeon Crawler, Deck Building
Players: Single player
Themes: Fantasy
Platform: PC
Platforms: Windows
Status: Unreleased, 2023
Platforms: Mac
Status: Unreleased, 2023
Platforms: Linux
Status: Unreleased, 2023
Platforms: Nintendo Switch
Status: Unreleased, 2023
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