Slime Knight

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The slightest touch of your gooey essence will damage almost anything it touches. Use this to your advantage and take enemies by surprise by stretching your arm out, and whipping it in their direction!

You are a humble slime that has recently found refuge for you and your family in a small village. Everything seemed peaceful...until a gigantic wurm, thought to be a myth, emerges from the deep underground and devours the entire civilization in one enormous gulp!

Separated from your family, you awaken inside the beast's maw, and discover the corpse of a knight wearing a suit of armor. After imbuing the corpse with your slimy essence, you are able to deftly maneuver around the hostile creatures that lurk around you, as well as fight back with your stretchy, toxic appendages!

Your family must be deeper inside the belly of this beast. Will you be able to fight your way through and rescue them before it's too late?

Swing, Punch, Grab, Throw, Survive!

Your extendable arm is deceptively simple but offers you a bevy of tools to handle various situations.

Swing your arm through hordes of enemies to damage them'en masse. Punch creatures out of your way with your first. Or, grab them and throw them at their allies to really stir some chaos!

Use it to its full extent to tackle any challenge that comes your way!

Devour the Devoured

As a slime, you have one more trick up your sleeve that could turn the tides of battle.

If you deal enough damage to an enemy while it is clutched in your gooey fist, you can finish them off by devouring them completely. Doing so will grant you unique abilities to help get you out of a desperate situation.

Different enemies grant different abilities when devoured, so be sure to experiment and plan your targets strategically!

Commercial:Game is Free
Genres: Action, Adventure, Survival
Players: Single player
Platforms: PC
Platforms: Windows
Status: Released, 2023
Game Link:

Beast Belly Studios

Team Page:beastbellystudios

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