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AILAND, a next-generation shooter game where every battle is an opportunity to earn. Engage in adrenaline-fueled combat, and transform your gaming skills into real-world profits. Welcome to the future of gaming - where your prowess pays off.

AILAND: Revolutionizing Gaming with Blockchain and AI

Step into AILAND, where the fusion of cutting-edge gaming, blockchain technology, and advanced AI isn't just innovation — it's a revolution. AILAND is more than a game; it's a new frontier in the digital realm, offering an immersive experience where every action and strategy unlocks real-world value.
In this groundbreaking universe, your skills and creativity are not just for entertainment but a gateway to tangible rewards. Forge, trade, and personalize in-game assets with unprecedented freedom. Our unique platform lets players shape their destiny, crafting and monetizing custom skins and interacting with one-of-a-kind AINFT avatars, brought to life with the magic of generative AI.
But AILAND is not just about play — it's about achievement and recognition. As a distinguished contender in the world of Web3 gaming, AILAND has garnered accolades and recognition that are a testament to its revolutionary impact:

� Finalist at the prestigious GDWC for Best Web3 Game (summer 2023)
� Proud graduate of the STARTUP WISE GUYS Pre-Accelerator and POLYGON BUILDER HOUSE Lisbon
� Champion at the KLAYMAKERS23 Global Hackathon and the coveted Bitcoin Olympics Hackathon
� Winner at the esteemed POLYGON DEVX Hackathon, GAMEWAVE GENESIS Hackathon, SAGA Multiverse Hackathon, ZETACHAIN OMNICHAIN Hackathon, KIROBU TRADING Hackathon, AIBC PLAYNANCE Hackathon, and the innovative HACK-A-TONX

Welcome to AILAND, where the future of gaming is not just being played; it's being forged. A realm where your gaming prowess is your currency, where your strategic maneuvers shape economies, and where every player is a pioneer on the digital frontier. This is more than just a game; it's a movement. Join us and be part of the gaming revolution. Welcome to AILAND — where gaming meets the future.

Commercial:Microtransactions / other In-App Purchases
Genres: Action, Adventure, Fighting, Interactive Fiction, Shooter, Open-World, battle royale
Players: Single player, Online multiplayer, Local multiplayer, MMO / Massively Multiplayer Online, Online Leaderboards, Co-Operative, Player vs Player, Player vs Environment, Player vs Bots, Competitive, Arena, Real-Time Multiplayer, Turn-Based Multiplayer, Battle Royale
Themes:Medieval, Sci-Fi, Cyberpunk, Fantasy, Military, Modern, Historical, Horror, Anime
Platforms: PC
Platforms: Windows
Status: Early Access, 2025
Platforms: Android, iOS
Status: Early Access, 2025
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Game studio with a focus on AI and Blockchain

Team Page:ailand

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