Ginko Island

Game info

Ginko Island is a game prototype about a white rabbit set in a world where evolution has moved one step forward, with animals becoming human like, and fruits and vegetables becoming animals.

Ginko Island is an action game prototype with light survival mechanics - cook food on campfire, dark nights that require light sources.

Fight by dodging and using agile attacks. Launch enemies in the air, dash around in super sonic speed while slicing them into juicy pieces.

Traverse environments with agility - wall run, wall jump.

Features fully dynamic day and night cycles with weather effects.
Explore the Ginko island and get to know it's inhabitants and environment

Important: This game is still in prototype stage. Expect bugs and non finalized gameplay.

Commercial:Game is Free
Genres: Action, Adventure, Survival
Players: Single player
Themes:Fantasy, Island, Asia, Animals
Platforms: PC
Platforms: Windows
Status: Prototype, 2023
Game Link:


I'm a solo dev with few small self published 2d games and currently working on a more serious 3d project.

Team Page:milkboygames

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