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Tactical Squad: SWAT Stories

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In Tactical Squad you take command of an elite special forces unit. Issue orders to your SWAT team, manage their equipment, but most importantly complete your mission successfully through steady, methodical tactical procedures.

Take on the commanding role for an advanced special weapons and tactics team. Tactical Squad: SWAT Stories places great focus on realism, drawing not only from the rich history of tactical games, but also real-life situations that saw need for such units to be deployed. Your squad members follow your lead, but also actively respond to various situations themselves to effectively combat hostiles and follow police protocol. Make sure you issue the correct orders but also remember that you'll be right there in the middle of the action, performing many tasks yourself!

As a highly-trained operative and member of a key tactical unit, you and your people will be sent on a number of highly dangerous missions. Become the witness of hostage situations, robberies, gang wars, and many other criminal activities. Complete missions with AI operatives or with your friends in co-op mode of up to 5 players!

Equip your team members with the right gear for the role that you intend for them, be it offense, support, or defense. This makes up three different categories.
- semi-automatic handguns
- submachine guns
- automatic rifles
- shotguns
- as well as an array of non-lethal measures
- light armor
- heavy armor
- ballistic shields
- various headgear
- grenades
- high explosives
- first aid
- drones
- a lockpick
- a battering ram

Properly equipping your SWAT team is only the first step. Every situation you and your squad end up in requires careful assessment if you want to bring everyone back to headquarters in one piece. Pay attention to the briefing and study whatever intel you get before you set out to complete the mission. Tactical Squad is set in a number of different settings, from offices to industrial compounds to even a sprawling old mansion. It is up to you to know the paths for your team to take, the available cover and the potential hazards in the form of armed hostiles and innocent bystanders. Always be aware of your surroundings or suffer the consequences.

Always know what you're doing, but more importantly - know why you're doing it. The game features missions with a number of different objectives:
- eliminating bloodthirsty terrorists,
- capturing ruthless criminals,
- rescuing vulnerable hostages,
- recovering valuable intel,
- securing crucial evidence,
- clearing key locations of hostiles.
Use your tactical wit to the best of your abilities. Don't leave anything up to chance by using a special system of order queuing to ensure a smooth sequence of actions among your units.

Keep your head down and keep it clear but press on and complete that mission. A good strategy is the key to succeeding in Tactical Squad.

Mature Content: Gambling, Drug Use
Commercial:Game is Paid
Genres: Action, Shooter, Simulation, Tactical, Stealth
Players: Single player, Co-Operative
Themes:Modern, Police, Crime
Platforms: PC
Platforms: Windows
Status: Prototype, 2024
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Red Mountain Games

Red Mountain Games is an indie game development studio located in Kyiv, Ukraine. Our studio is composed of a group of ambitious and creative enthusiasts who want to deliver high-quality narrative and gameplay experience to the players around the world.

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