An Elmwood Trail

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Solve the biggest mystery in the town of Riverstone surrounded by the Elmwood Forest. Find the missing girl and prove yourself to everyone.

It's been 3 weeks since a young teen has gone missing and despite the town's police's best efforts, they hit a dead end and declared the case of 18-year-old Zoey Leonard a runaway.

For all the interactive mystery game fanatics. Develop your own trail to unravel the secrets of the town of Riverstone! ⛺This is YOUR chance to help a detective regain his legacy, save the life of a missing girl, and uncover the orchestrator behind such a sick crime.

- Investigate the case of the missing girl. Navigate through the story, interact with people, gather clues and hints, and make sense of the story. You get to decide what happens.
- Can you bear the responsibility to bring Zoey home? Make tough decisions and choices that will lead you straight to her.
- Access private information. Get access to all images, chats, albums, social media, voice mails, and calls.
- Interrogate the suspects. Interact with the characters, make new friends, and find out the truth.

But the question is, can you trust them? Are these people really the ones who cared for Zoey or the ones behind her disappearance?

Everyone knows there is more to this story than what the news says. The fate of the missing girl lies in YOUR hands, it's up to you now to find her because there is some truth to what the people around the town say about you. YOU are the best detective Riverstone has ever seen.
An unknown person has asked you to take up this case and this is probably the only way to ignite your long-gone career.


- Puzzle-cracking and code-breaking missions that will challenge your memory and problem-solving skills.
- Experience the in-game realism through messenger, where you can send and receive messages to help you unfold the story events. Interrogate the ones you suspect and get an upper hand by revealing the hidden clues.
- Unlock the missing girl's diary notes to uncover her past.
- Navigate through your phone and hers. Connect the dots on the suspect board for better visualization and deduction.
- Stuck on a puzzle? Don't worry, every objective is equipped with 3 useful hints that will ensure you keep moving even through the toughest tasks.

The town of Riverstone was built on the banks of a man-made harbor and is surrounded by the Elmwood Forest ⛺This place is said to hold many mysteries but for the longest time, this town was silent until one day an 18-year-old girl went missing, without a trace, sending a wave of fear throughout. A case of disappearance that was marked a runaway in order to hide the agonizing truth, there is now only one person who can save this town and put it out of its misery, YOU.

Now, you must embark on this journey to find out what went wrong the night she went missing.
Where did Zoey go? What happened to her? Can you trust the people who claim to be the closest to her? Who can lead us to the final page of this mystery? The answer to these questions depends on your actions. You get to decide your next move.
Can you outplay the mastermind behind her disappearance?

Download and play it right now! Take part in this thrilling criminal investigation and crack down on clues to reach the truth in this interactive mystery story game! An Elmwood Trail is and will forever remain free, so share it with your friends and join in on all the episodes together! ❤️

An Elmwood Trail is a free and interactive text-based role-playing game. Such games come under the category of choose-your-own-decision, decision-making, or RPG.

Commercial:Microtransactions / other In-App Purchases, Game has Ads
Categories: GDWC 2024 Summer
Players' Choice Award
Best Student Game
Genres: Adventure, Interactive Fiction, Puzzle, Role Playing, Story
Players: Single player
Themes:Horror, Mystery, Detective
Platforms: Mobile
Platforms: Android, iOS
Status: Released, 2023
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