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Above is a 3rd person single-player climbing adventure - best played with a controller.

In Above, you scale the giant tower to try your best to reach the top. Your path leads upwards: Reach, jump and grab on to rocks and moving objects as you pave your way through the vertical terrain.

The journey starts off easy as you learn the ropes of climbing the dangerous terrain. Quickly though, the challenges increase dramatically in difficulty, and you as the player must use your dexterity, wits and focus to make it through the challenges to reach the top.

Can you make it?

// Our new release:
The game was a collaboration between 16 students, coming together from many different backgrounds to create a single vision. The team decided to work further with the game, and has since its 2023 Itch.io release worked hard to release the game on Steam - where it will officially release on May 29th, 2024. The game has seen considerable improvements since its 2023 release, including mouse/keyboard support and a new Timed Mode for replayability.

Commercial:Game is Free
Categories: GDWC 2024 Summer
Best Student Game
Genres: Adventure, Platformer, Puzzle, Rhythm, Simulation, Sports, Climbing
Players: Single player
Platforms: PC
Platforms: Windows
Status: Released, 2024
Game Link: store.steampowered.com
Trailers: youtu.be

Dreamful Projects

Dreamful Projects was created during a 4-month game production course at the National Film School of Denmark. We are a team of 16 people from up to five different nationalities, from varying educational backgrounds and skillsets. We have since carried on with our game production and released it on Steam in May 2024.

Team Page:dreamfulprojects

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