Unruly Delivery Company

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Drive around town to deliver food to customers who are interested, and for each delivery you gain money and more time for you to deliver! At night, zombies are on the loose and you are now tasked to save the civilians and bring them back home!

Tired of being a driver for a ride-sharing app? Well, you're in luck! Now, you can be part of the Unruly Delivery Company and deliver the food to other people and save them from the zombies at night too!

Experience being part of the Unruly Delivery Company and help out in delivering foods and helping people get back to their homes - or you can simply just drive around town, relax, and enjoy the good old times with the music playing in your radio.

Try and get the ultimate highest high score all over the world!

Commercial: Game is Free
Categories: Hobby Category
Genre: Racing, Arcade
Players: Single player
Themes: Sci-Fi, Modern
Platform: Browser
Status: Released, 2022
Game Link: gxc.gg
Trailer: youtu.be

Kenn Ong

Team Page: kenisoft
Members: 1

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