Rogue Voltage

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Roguelike Deckbuilder meets Automation Game. Construct your own skills by wiring up modules. Generate and manage energy, manipulate the timeline, beat procedural threats and try to get the power back on in a world in which time is out of joint.

Construct your abilities from specialized modules. Some generate energy, some modify or store it and others turn it into effects. Build powerful structures to zap your enemies, trigger insane chain reactions or conserve charge in batteries for moments of need.

Every combat turn poses tactical challenges where to direct your energy: Into your blaster to harm the monsters? Into a decelerator to control the timeline? Should you crack a healing potion? Or do you store it in a battery and prepare an even more ambitious move next turn?

In this shattered world, cause and effect are out of joint. Master the art of Gravitonics to move turns forward or backward in time: Dodge volcano eruptions and lightning strikes, slip before your enemies or throw them into a devastating Grav-Spike.

Your adventure leads you through a variety of biomes where tricky groups of enemies try to ruin your day. Compose and patch up your racks wisely to deal with procedurally generated and progressively dangerous threats.

Commercial:Game is Paid
Genres: Card Game, Simulation, Strategy, Turn-based, Roguelike
Players: Single player
Themes:Cyberpunk, Dystopian
Platforms: PC
Platforms: Windows
Status: Prototype, 2024
Game Link:

Horizont Computergrafik

Horizont Computergrafik is a newly founded games and interactive media studio from Berlin. We are passionate about unique, deep and engaging interactive digital experiences that are informed by history but are quintessentially contemporary.

Team Page:horizont-cg

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