Insurrection: Cyborgs Awakening

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Kick some asses in this cooperative retrowave game!!! Use powerful abilities and combos to destroy the evil minions of the Driftonics mega corporation and free humanity from the cyborg threat.

Chrome Hero
Insurrection: Cyborgs Awakening features a classic beat em' up gameplay. Make your way through the neon city of Beat Bay, a place where peace has never been an option. Fight as Michael, the pilot of the incredible TH-3000, unleash devastating combos to take down your enemies or destroy them completely by making powerful and unique abilities.
Fight for humankind

The corporation 'Driftonics' has taken advantage of this by providing cures to deadly diseases to its inhabitants through nanotechnology or modifying their bodies with robotic parts to achieve technological utopia. What no one knew is that this was all just an evil plan to possess the minds of their citizens and turn them into cyborgs ready to kill. Fight against a variety of enemies, from the weak and volatile Scout, through the agile and deadly gang members of the High Heels, to the mighty Iron Hearts.
Stop the Massacre
Help Michael take down the top executives of "Driftonics" Corporation. Starting with the beautiful but fearsome Cyberna, a powerful winged cyborg who will be willing to destroy everything in her path in order to complete her campaign of world domination.
The Purest Retrowave Style

Enjoy fantastic 3D graphics with handpainted textures. Move through the awesome Beat Bay, featuring four different levels with their own theme. Enjoy an exciting story of hilarious action in the purest style of the 80s and above all, be ready to kick metal asses.

Commercial:Game is Free
Genres: Action, Fighting, Beat em' up
Players: Single player, Co-Operative
Themes:Cyberpunk, retrowave
Platforms: PC
Platforms: Windows
Status: Released, 2022
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ESAT - Chonky Wave Games

A group of students making games!

Team Page:Insurrection

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