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Remnants of R'lyeh

Game info

Remnants of R'lyeh is a Classic Horror Survival game inspired by H.P.Lovecraft's Great Work. An ancient dark power is calling you and you need to find an exit... Face your greatest fear, fight, hide... you must escape before the underwater city rises

"How can one be alive but dead at the same time? It is a mound of flesh, decaying and putrid yet crawling with worms and arthropods. It is a sanctuary for fish in a ship sunken lower than the abyssal depths. It is an abandoned castle, overfilled with dancing shadows. There is no true release in death. All of the living will have to pay for their gift once their time is over. And those who never lived will be awakened from their eternal slumber..."

- Diving Deep

Remnants of R'lyeh features a unique underwater environment for players to explore with an immersive atmosphere. My intention is to simulate a terrifying underwater situation. Currently working hard on adjusting the underwater controller and designing underwater sound effects, underwater weapon effects, etc. just for a better gameplay experience.

- Combat System

Remnants of R'lyeh is a classic First-Person-Shooter horror survival game, there are plenty of choices for weapons (pistol, knife, rifle, shogun, and more) on this journey. Also, the game features a unique underwater weapon system. You will get the Deepsea ancient tech weapon to defeat terrifying enemies...

- Puzzles

Puzzle and Combat are two main factors of Remnants of R'lyeh during the whole gameplay experience. Some entertaining Lovecraft-Themed puzzles can help players get to know more about the dark secrets and also have fun. The purpose is always to let players enjoy solving the puzzles not getting stuck. These are important for me during the development process to keep adjusting to the difficulty of puzzles.

- Terrifying Creatures

Remnants of R'lyeh features unique Lovecraft monsters that will put players in danger. Flying bugs, beasts, "humans", and deep ones are all based on Cthulhu Mythos. Get ready to fight monsters lurking in the dark and face a world of madness.

Mature Content: Extreme Violence or Gore
Commercial: Game is Paid
Categories: Indie Category
Genre: Action, Adventure, Interactive Fiction, Survival, Visual Novel
Players: Single player, Player vs Environment, Player vs Bots
Themes: Fantasy, Horror
Platform: PC
Platforms: Windows
Status: Prototype, 2022
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Darktree Game Studio

Darktree game is an indie game studio focusing on sharing players world wide with ultimate horror game experience. Currently working on the project "Escape the Depth" a first person shooter horror experience with Lovecraftian and Steampunk elements

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