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The Burst Demo

Game info

The Burst Demo lets you try out most mechanics avaliable in the main game.
Run and gun, swing on your grappling hook, wallrun and ride the Mirage.
Get a glimpse of the story and dive into the postapocalyptic world of a colony-planet Damag.

Play as Nova - a renegade-looter on a mission.
Greet this merciless world with a glimpse of hope in a prelude to the main story.
Unlike most convicts you have an ace up your sleeve - a top-shelf military gadget.
Learn how to use it to turn the tide of the battle. You can't avoid combat, so stuff your enemies full of lead.
Fight, survive and don't come back empty-handed.

Mature Content: Extreme Violence or Gore
Commercial:Game is Free
Genres: Action
Players: Single player
Platforms: VR/AR
Platforms: SteamVR
Status: Released, 2023
Game Link:

GoRapid Studio

We are a small studio working on a smashing VR FPS game - The Burst. Even though our studio was created only in 2022, we have quite a few veteran developers who have previously worked on Unreal Engine VR games and experiences. We aim at bringing the best experience we can for our players.

Team Page:gorapid

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