The Machines Arena

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The Machines Arena is a top-down hero shooter where players clash in adrenaline-fueled combat. Get rewarded with Digital Collectibles in PvP and PvE plays.

The Machines Arena is a fast-paced hero shooter where players clash in intense battles delivered from a top-down perspective. Compete against other players in explosive PvP matches, work together to beat your opponents, or try your hand in the single-player PVE mode Death Run and get a well-deserved dose of adrenaline. A game that is easy to learn and hard to master. The high risk - high reward element allows you to earn Digital Collectibles and get rewarded for your hard work and skill.

Commercial:Microtransactions / other In-App Purchases
Genres: Action, Shooter
Players: Single player, Online multiplayer, Online Leaderboards, Co-Operative, Player vs Player, Player vs Environment, Player vs Bots, Competitive, Arena, Real-Time Multiplayer
Themes:Sci-Fi, Cyberpunk
Platforms: PC
Platforms: Windows
Status: Early Access, 2022
Platforms: Android, iOS
Status: Unreleased, 2024
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