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Play smart, win big with Play 21 - where blackjack meets solitaire for real cash prizes. Sharpen your strategy, outsmart opponents, and claim victory in this fast-paced card challenge!

The cards are shuffled, the dealer is ready! It's time to Play 21! The top mobile card game that you can play for real money prizes!

Play 21 is the perfect mix of blackjack and solitaire. Take your blackjack skills from the casino floor to your phone with this fast-paced card game.

Count the cards, track the aces and the faces and stack hands to hit the total of 21. Doubledown on your card game IQ against real competitors, playing for REAL CASH PRIZES. Like solitaire, it's all about the order of the cards and figuring out if the card you need is about to come!

All combinations of cards count, from a casino blackjack to 5 card runs, just don't exceed 21! The quicker you play the more points you earn and you can take home the cash with a winning score!

If you love poker, solitaire, blackjack and classic card games like rummy then Play21 is the game for you! It can sharpen your card counting skills and improve your real blackjack game. Start playing for free, perfect your strategy and then play for real cash! With Play 21 you're not playing against the house, so if you make the right decision you can always win!

Commercial:Game is Free
Genres: Card Game
Players: Online Leaderboards, Asynchronic Multiplayer
Platforms: Mobile
Platforms: Android, iOS
Status: Released, 2023
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Team Page:foxpaint

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