Bob: A thousand lives

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"Lost is not a place, it's a soul in paralysis waiting to feel moved."

IndieDB Indie of the Year 2022 - Players Choice - Seventh place - "Magyar fejlesztő munkája ez a videójáték, amiben a múlt, a jelen és a jövő egyszerre létezik" - ("This video game is the work of a Hungarian developer, in which the past, present and future exist simultaneously")

PlayDome - "Komor világba visz a Bob: A thousand lives" - ("Bob: A thousand lives takes you to a gloomy world") - "A játék bár lebilincselő történettel bír, a platformer részekbe nagyon sokan bele fognak őszülni." - ("Even though the game has an engaging story, many people will fall for the platformer parts.")

Gamekapocs - "Még a nyáron jelent meg a Bob: A Thousand Lives, a magyar fejlesztésű akció-platformer pedig egészen biztosan felkelti majd a Playdead-rajongók figyelmét." - ("Bob: A Thousand Lives was released this summer, and the Hungarian-developed action-platformer will certainly attract the attention of Playdead fans.")

GameStar - "Egyszerre izzasztó és megható ez a magyar fejlesztésű platformer" - ("This Hungarian-developed platformer is sweaty and touching at the same time")

IGN - "Ha valami különlegeset kerestek…" - ("If you're looking for something special…")

PC Guru - "A magyar fejlesztésű 2.5D-s akció-platformer sötét témákat boncolgat, kihívást tekintve pedig egy igazi nosztalgiavonat." - ("The Hungarian-developed 2.5D action-platformer dissects dark themes, and in terms of challenge, it's a real nostalgia train.")

TechKalauz - "14 hónap alatt hozta létre játékát a magyar fejlesztő, már megvásárolható" - ("The Hungarian developer created his game in 14 months, it is now available for purchase")

Bob: A thousand lives, is a dark themed platformer-action game, in which we control Bob, an abandoned boy, through his adventure. Along many challenges, Bob must overcome his biggest task, he must avoid his consuming past. His past materializes in an evil fog-creature which tries to disconnect him from the continuity in his timeline, preventing him from finding his eternal peace.

In Bob: A thousand lives the classic HARD and PRECISE TASKS platformer characteristics come to life, where our age's 'I'll do it for you' principles don't apply. DO NOT wait for help, DO NOT wait for guidance, YOU ARE ALONE!
You almost made it, didn't you? Do you feel that it is too difficult for you? Well...This is just the beginning. Try again!

Commercial:Game is Paid
Genres: Action, Platformer, Souls-like
Players: Single player
Platforms: PC
Platforms: Windows
Status: Released, 2022
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Putnai Csaba

Team Page:putnaicsaba

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