Rainbow Yggdrasil

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Rainbow Yggdrasil is a roguelike game

Rainbow Yggdrasil is a roguelike game

The color of heroine, monsters and even dungeons change into various colors.

We use "RGB" as an abbreviation to express color. In this world of Rainbow Yggdrasil, RGB itself becomes the parameter. Please experience this brand new game design.

# Deep world view and scenario
Scenario mode is consist of with total 30 dungeons.
A girl explores an iridescent world tree "Rainbow Yggdrasil" in a white world. Can she find the truth of the world?.

# Roguelike game's endless journey awaits you
Auto-generated dungeons, the greatest feature of roguelike game, will invite you to an infinite labyrinth of Yggdrasil.

You can enhance/synthesize items and compete your clear turns with other players all over the world.

Commercial:Game is Paid
Categories: Indie Category
Genres: Role Playing, Simulation, Strategy, Turn-based
Players: Single player, Competitive
Themes:Fantasy, Anime
Platforms: Mobile
Status: Released, 2019
Platforms: Nintendo Switch
Status: Unreleased, 2022
Game Link: otorakoubou.com
Trailers: youtu.be

Otorakobo Inc.

An indie game studio that creates unique color-themed games.

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