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Half Sword

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Half Sword is a physics-based medieval combat simulator featuring historically accurate XV-century arms and armor.

Half Sword is a fully physically simulated medieval fencing simulator that aims to give players a visceral experience of knightly combat while staying true to historical accuracy.

What started as a small school project quickly attracted talented individuals, and now Half Sword is being developed by a team of six history enthusiasts with a passion for unique games.

We began sharing a free playable demo of Half Sword around November 2022, and since then, many people have joined our community, testing and enjoying every update we release.

Today, we have over 18,000 members on Discord, and the number is constantly growing, with over 10,000 daily concurrent users playing our demo.

The game is currently in the prototype stage, and our goal is to secure funding to move to the production stage and work on it full-time. While we've been contacted by a number of publishers, we want to maintain full control over development for as long as possible, which is why we're preparing to launch a Kickstarter campaign.

Link to our Kickstarter:

Our current goal is to release a significant update for our demo, serving as a vertical slice of our game, including some of the new mechanics and features we've been working on for the past few months.

This will give us an indication of what our community would like to see and allow us to gather feedback as we further optimize the game and prepare our free demo.

Our ultimate aim is to sell the game for around $20-25 USD upon final release, but for now, we want to share our work with people to give them a taste of what we're working on.

We intend to attract various content creators to our game to further spread the word and knowledge about it. Some YouTubers are already covering our game:

The game has been in development for one year so far, and we've managed to attract a community of dedicated players and content creators who are very excited about our game, even before our marketing campaign has begun.

Once we're ready with our prototype phase, we'll start bringing on a couple more disciplines needed to continue the production of the full game.

Our next goal is to add more in-depth armor customization, missions, new environments and locations, NPC interactions, trading, and reputation systems, all within the scope and capabilities of our small team, which we intend to keep around 15 people.

This is our team's first game, and if it proves successful, we plan to expand on our current ideas for the Half Sword IP, developing bigger and more complex games in the future, while also leveraging more of Unreal Engine's innovative tools.

Mature Content: Extreme Violence or Gore
Commercial:Game is Free
Genres: Action, Fighting, Simulation
Players: Single player, Player vs Environment, Player vs Bots, Arena
Platforms: PC
Platforms: Windows
Status: Prototype, 2025
Game Link:

Half Sword

Half Sword is a fully physically simulated medieval combat game that puts you in the shoes of a commoner-turned-knight, fighting tournaments in 15th-century Europe.

With its innovative gameplay mechanic of using your mouse to control your sword, you will feel the intensity of each battle as you rise through the ranks and face off against fierce opponents.

Customize your character with authentic arms and armor to suit your fighting style and experience the thrill of combat in the most vibrant and exciting period in European history.

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