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Feudums is an upcoming medieval grand strategy game which combines kingdom management with dynasty building, in online multiplayer with zero pay-to-win elements • Became the most popular upcoming 4X / Grand Strategy @ Tacticon2023!

Direct your subjects and build up your settlements, castles, as well as your alliance of bannermen. Will you call your serfs from the fields or spend your coin building a standing army? Do you become a bannerman for another noble or start your own coalition to back up your claim? You will need a strong economy, a strong army, and loyal allies to take the crown.

Create your unique coat of arms and develop your family dynasty by winning traits and titles over multiple game sessions. Feudums has multiple ways to win and features an in-depth vassalage system. Each session is a community-driven narrative which will flow differently than previous games.

Heavily influenced by old-school strategy games like Lords of the Realm, Defender of the Crown or Genesia, early CRPG MUSHes, Crusader Kings and classic board games, Feudums is part builder, part strategy, completely moddable and is fully built around its players, with carefully crafted, hand-drawn visual style, contextual music tracks and original melodies

• Dual gameplay loop & core dynamics: you lead and develop your noble house through the generations and branches across games - unlocking new traits and opportunities that will persist for future games - while playing a deep 4X / grand strategy, competing for power over contested territories in each game session. You need to compete, but also to cooperate with others to emerge victorious!
• Dynamic economy and seasons that simulate the complexities of medieval life - from growth, health, migration or labor to war.
• Your decisions, stains and achievements define your values and renown as a noble house, and this legacy is carried over through the game sessions.
• Medieval heraldry as storyteller: both the noble house and protagonists are characterized by their accomplishments and choices, and coat of arms commemorate key events.
• A deep feudal system that allows for vassalage and different oaths between players.
• A fluid and non-binding diplomatic system with cascading causes and effects to ensure an organic flow of events and subtly encourage players to act and seize diplomatic opportunities.
• Tactical warfare with a detailed battle system, levies, mercenaries, seasonal military campaigns, reinforcements, war plans and attrition - that rewards careful planning and tactical thinking. Interactive, shareable war plans, with rally points, marching routes and targets, drawn up on the game map.
• Procedurally generated maps, customizable systems and full modding support.
• Suitable for both hardcore players and for ones with a busy schedule: you can micromanage anything, but you don't have to - if you set the basic directives, your serfs, military companies or feudum administration can run autonomously, like in an idler game.
• Built for multiplayer in the fair way: you cannot buy any pay to win element at all.
• Will also offer premium content for single-player - with narrative-driven campaigns, skirmishes and sandbox - for multiplayer-averse players or if you're not in the mood to compete with others.
• Beautiful, hand-drawn visual style & fully original OST.

Unlike traditional demos, ours is a continuously updated, interactive developer diary, provided for full transparency and early dialogue with our player base. We invite you to play the early versions, join our discord, and help us refine the game as we progress.

So far, I have added over a hundred features, changes and improvements based on player feedback, many of which I developed in direct consultation with them. Roadmap (or development milestone) priorities have also been voted on by the community for years. Feudums is a community game and I firmly believe in transparency and dialogue.

We are still working hard on the game, and as in the past, we will continue to update the demo based on your suggestions, ideas and feedback!

Feudums became the most popular upcoming 4X / Grand Strategy title on TactiCon 2023!

The playable build of the game includes:
• completely moddable, customizable and adjustable game systems;
• fully working online multiplayer ecosystem;
• moddable victory conditions;
• the Coat of Arms designer - with rich medieval heraldry;
• seasons, weather and day & night cycles
• the economic simulation - with seasons influencing all aspects of medieval life; labor system; seasonal agriculture, player-driven market, the ability to expand and form additional feudums, and so on;
• the basics of warfare - seasonal military campaigns, levy troops and mercenaries, detailed simulation for battles with multiple participants, raiding, stances tactics and unit traits;
• semi-autonomous actors for serfs, military companies and land administration.
• the basics of diplomacy - relation, border, and information sharing agreements, per-tick and one-time resource trades.
• in-game player guide for the basic topics!

The game will be free to win, meaning the competitive multiplayer gameplay will remain free, and no in-game perks or advantages can be bought for money, only cosmetic flavor (like coat of arms devices, character designs or architectural styles for your buildings) and additional game modes - like private multiplayer or single player campaigns/scenarios.

Commercial:Game is Free
Categories: GDWC 2024 Summer
Innovation Award
Genres: Role Playing, Simulation, Strategy, Turn-based, Grand Strategy
Players: MMO / Massively Multiplayer Online, Online Leaderboards, Player vs Player, Player vs Environment, Player vs Bots, Competitive, Asynchronic Multiplayer, Turn-Based Multiplayer
Themes:Medieval, Historical
Platforms: PC
Platforms: Windows, Mac
Status: Prototype, 2022
Platforms: Android, iOS
Status: Unreleased, 2026
Status: Early Access, 2025
Game Link: store.steampowered.com
Trailers: youtu.be

Kalamona Studios

Team Page:kalamonastudios

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