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The Next Generation of Immersive Virtual Events

Join more than 20,000 players, in a virtual world like no other, MYX thrusts players into a gritty Cyberpunk city - with next-generation graphics the quest never looked so good! Dip your toes in and interact with items in your private home apartment, overlooking the beautiful but crime-ridden city of Arkadia, or go full dive and head down to the street to meet with friends and head out for a wild night in the many virtual clubs, arenas and venues, hosting real-world live DJs, and performers.
MYX is fully multiplayer and able to scale to millions of users per event. It has proven the next generation of VR is here and it gets better every week, with hundreds of DJs signed up and performing, live real world venues starting to digital twin into this city, and an unmatched level of realism that will leave you questioning your reality.

but dont take my word for it. Download it to your Oculus Quest today, and see for your self.

oh, and did I mention this was created largely by a solo dev in his spare time?

MYX. the next generation of immersive virtual Events

Mature Content: Nudity or Sexual Content, Drug Use
Commercial:Microtransactions / other In-App Purchases, Game has Ads
Genres: Role Playing, Simulation, Open-World, social, vr,
Players: MMO / Massively Multiplayer Online, Online Leaderboards, Arena
Platforms: VR/AR
Platforms: Oculus
Status: Early Access, 2023
Game Link:

Funder Games

Kiwi based development studio focussed on making the ultimate immersive experiences

Team Page:myx
Country:New Zealand

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