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Nirvana Noir is a cosmic adventure across inner space.
Become your own existential threat and put out the fires of eternity.

The city of cosmic beings is under threat in two parallel realities - one where the Big Bang was never fired, the other exploding in color and sin. It's up to you to solve the mysteries of the Bigger Bang in this follow up to the award-winning Genesis Noir.

— Two Timelines = Double Trouble —

No Man's actions during the events of Genesis Noir resulted in two parallel realities - Black Rapture and Constant Testament.

In Black Rapture, No Man labors to complete the intricate mechanisms of a clocktower but is disrupted when a series of arsons break out across the cosmic city.

Constant Testament is an explosion of color and sin. No Man is coerced by the police to investigate a dangerous new drug whose appearance is intertwined with an old flame.

Play across the different realities in an effort to save both.

— Unique Interactive Puzzles —
Like Genesis Noir, Nirvana Noir is a seamless blend of animation and interactivity and is overflowing with unique puzzles and interactions. In your quest to solve the mysteries you'll find yourself…

- Reconstructing a demolished building
- Mounting a legal defense
- Collecting the last words of characters you meet
- Finding skeletons in closets
- Trying not to break under interrogation
- Interviewing witnesses
- Manipulating words to get to the hidden truth behind them
- Following the word on the street
- And much more…

— Expanded Genesis Noir Universe —
Two time Independent Games Festival winner, Genesis Noir, received nominations for over 30 prestigious awards and was lauded by media for its ambitious ideas and the stunning audio-visual journey it takes you on.

Genesis Noir explored the creation of the universe and humanity, giving only brief but tantalizing glimpses into the Constant. Whilst set following the events of the original, Nirvana Noir is a standalone story. It takes a deeper dive into the city and the cosmic beings who live there and brings in a deeper level of gameplay, exploration, and mechanics, expanding on all the things that made Genesis Noir so compelling.

— Use Your Detective Skills —

Who is setting the fires that rage across the city and does it have something to do with a suspicious demolition company called Bigger Bang?

Where is the dangerous new drug, Bigger Bang, coming from? What does it have to do with your old flame and their new counterculture movement?

Talk to suspects, search for clues, use your Mind's Eye to track your open lines of investigation, and piece together the evidence to unravel the mysteries of the Bigger Bang.

— Strange Sounds and Jazzy Tunes —

Nirvana Noir features the music and sound design of Skillbard, a London-based team of composers and sound designers who work in film, television, games, sound art, pop music, and sonic branding.

Skillbard won multiple awards for their work on Genesis Noir including the Independent Games Festival Award for Excellence in Audio, and we're delighted to be collaborating with them again on Nirvana Noir.

You can expect another amazing soundtrack that reacts and responds to the game, this time with both noir and neo-noir, jazz and psychedelic influences, as well as music-focused puzzles and interactions.

Commercial:Game is Paid
Genres: Adventure
Players: Single player
Themes:Sci-Fi, Historical, Noir, Psychedelia
Platforms: PC
Platforms: Windows
Status: Unreleased, 2025
Platforms: Xbox Series
Status: Unreleased, 2025
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