Hitori Kakurenbo Online

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Social. multiplayer based on the viral Hitori Kakurenbo japanese ritual, you will play as the evil Doll or as one of the irresponsible teenagers that prepared the ritual in quick fun replayable games. Customize your Doll with interchangeable parts.

Asymmetrical multiplayer survival horror based on Hitori Kakurenbo, one of the most famous viral rituals on the internet.
You will decide to play as the evil Doll or the teenagers that prepared the ritual in quick replayable games.

- Teenagers:
Their goal is to make some missions around the map and survive until the end.
They may hide inside closets, or under beds or cars.
They can find objects around the map that they can use to defend themselves against the enemy.
Every character has 2 abilities: one positive and one negative that changes the gameplay of each character.

- Doll:
Its goal is to find and eliminate all the teenagers before they complete all the missions.
The Doll has some PowerUps that are released throughout the game.
The Doll can be customized with hundreds of interchangeable parts to create an unique terrifying doll

Commercial: Game is Paid
Categories: Indie Category
Genre: Action, Survival
Players: Online multiplayer, Player vs Player, Real-Time Multiplayer
Themes: Horror
Platform: PC
Platforms: Windows
Status: Unreleased, 2022
Game Link: store.steampowered.com
Trailer: youtu.be

Infinite Thread Games

Infinite Thread Games is an emerging Spanish studio founded in 2020. Hitori Kakurenbo was their debut title released on December 2020, a single player survival horror based on the ritual of the same name. In march 2021 the team was chosen to join the Preincubation Program by LevelUp (Barcelona). The team has grown to develop Hitori Kakurenbo online, a multiplayer survival horror that will come to light soon.

Team Page: infinite-thread
Country: Spain
Members: 12

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