Jacobs' Quest

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Jacob's Quest is hark to old style RPG and a remake and reimplementation of core game elements and storytelling. It's been long requested by RPG fans across the world and has been in active development since 2013. It was finished this year.

Become a Legend in Jacob's Quest, a JRPG that anyone can pick up and play. Save the four crystals of the world and prevent a vile plot from unfolding. With epic battles and world progression, Jacob's Quest is the RPG of choice, in development since 2013.
A huge elemental world to explore, with dungeons, puzzles and bosses to fight
Hand drawn sprites and excellent post-processing effects to modernise it's presentation
A addictive soundtrack that immerses you in Jacob's World, featuring electric guitar segways
Traditional JRPG gameplay with action elements- jump, hookshot and block puzzles are a plenty.
In classic 90's fashion, battle your way through challenging battles and bosses with turn based gameplay with a huge spell and abilities roster
Level up through experience and completing side quests
This is JRPG at it's finest, with memorable characters, allies and bosses, 90's JRPG lovers must have this game!

Commercial: Game is Paid
Categories: Indie Category
Genre: Adventure, Role Playing, Turn-based
Players: Single player
Themes: Fantasy
Platform: PC
Status: Released, 2022
Game Link: spacefarergames.itch.io
Trailer: youtu.be

Spacefarer Games Ltd

SPACEFARER GAMES Ltd was established in 2019, by Jake Stephen Jackson, the company Director and Chief Software Engineer. We've been working with programming languages for over a decade, including Unity, Visual CSharp and NodeJS/HTML5.

A large customer base
Since going live with our distrubution of video game software on partner platforms, such as Steam and Nintendo, we have a large customer reach and we'd love to say thank you to all who purchase and enjoy our software.

From a story, to a video game
Our story started from one. Our first commercial title, The Dawning Clocks of Time was written as a video game novella, by the company director, Jake Stephen Jackson. We developed that title into a JRPG video game and started trading as a studio, Spacefarer Games Ltd.

Development and Publishing houses
There are two arms to our business, our software development studio, Spacefarer Games Limited and Dark Design Studio Holdings Co. Ltd, a software publishing house for distrubution on platforms such as Nintendo Switch and Valve's Steam. We are experts in the publishing field and we know how to get games from development to a large user base very quickly.
From creation to company

When we started out as an indie development house, we quickly expanded into a holding company as our video games started to excel our expectation. Like with any other video game company, we grew as our customer base grew, further excelling our future product lineup.

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Country: United Kingdom
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