KOTOMASHO: I Can't Believe This NEET Guy Turned Into a Magical Girl!

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A Gameboy Color and Anime inspired adventure game with RPG elements where the protagonist, a NEET 21 year old guy, suddenly acquires the Power of Dreams and transforms into a Magical Girl.

Kotomasho is an Adventure game with RPG elements. The story follows Genji, a 21 year old NEET (acronym for Not in Education, Employment, or Training) Japanese guy who was to scared of finding a job after graduating so he had to spend the whole day playing in virtual reality, specifically a VR game where you can meet up with people from all over the world to hang out and explore thousands of different user submitted worlds while wearing user submitted 3D avatars. One day Genji receives a crystal medal-looking good luck charm from his sister and while logging into the VR world is transported into the realm of Dreams transformed into a magical girl!

The gameplay was mainly inspired by the Gameboy Color Zelda games Link's Awakening and Oracle of Ages/Seasons but I wanted to add a leveling system to make it a little more RPG like Zelda II and instead of just using one main weapon I wanted to make it a weapon that changes all the time like in the Metal Slug series or Blaster Master. At first the plan was to make the gameplay happen only on an overworld map kinda like a metroidvania without the dungeons but then I had to add the dungeons as well because of the Game Jam limitation and make them procedurally generated.

Commercial: Game is Paid
Categories: Indie Category
Genre: Adventure, Role Playing
Players: Single player
Themes: Fantasy, Modern, Anime
Platform: PC
Status: Prototype, 2023
Status: Prototype, 2023
Game Link: walgallen.itch.io
Trailer: youtu.be


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