Last Shape Standing

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Last Shape Standing is at its core a survival game where each player needs to survive through a multitude of chaotic and fun randomly selected challenges, be it bullet hell, PVP, a zombie apocalypse or even dangerous quizzes!

Playable alone or up to four players, quickly join in for a short casual game, and tweak the settings to play the way you want:
Don't like a rule? Remove it!
Want more health or skip the rule description? Why not!

Keep playing to earn currency and survive as long as possible to unlock new rules.
Be the Last Shape Standing and show who's best!

Commercial:Game is Paid
Categories: Indie Category
Genres: Action, Survival, Arcade
Players: Single player, Local multiplayer, Co-Operative, Player vs Bots, Competitive
Platforms: PC
Status: Unreleased, 2022
Game Link:

Ember Works

We are a 2 man team called Ember Works who loves to make games and explore new ideas, break the mold and grow as game developers.

Team Page:
Country:South Africa

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