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Techno has taken over your neighborhood. Honor your metal god Kilmister, arm yourself up to the baffles, raise the volume and show these punks which is the music that makes the shells shake. The metalheads are not dead, but the technos will be…

When was the last time you felt like a heavy metal fan? MetalBorn gives you the feeling of the golden age of the genre and also the emergence of a new musical group which is on the rise and it is called: Electronic Music.

You will immerse yourself in this first person shooter in a world where our hero, the last follower of heavy metal, is chosen by his god to reconquer the key points of power in his neighborhood, these being three points of conquest. Set to fulfill his hellish mission, our heavy metal warrior heads to the streets of Blüdstock equipped with his Kilmister-blessed weaponry.

Arriving at street level, he realizes that his house is the last bastion of the "Metallic Fortress", the name by which Blüdstock is known, the flagship place and cradle of Heavy Metal. Finding himself surrounded by minions of the evil goddess Lillith, Robert fights his way through the angry mob to the sources of power.

Having the path to trace under his choice, Robert will decide which party to conquer which he used to attend as a child, as this became a source of power after the incident with Father Judas, which allowed parties and concerts to celebrate Lilith's Faith.

Once there, and after bathing in the electronic blood of his enemies, our dark paladin performs the sacred act of "The Disc Change". This deadly sin causes the source of power to change masters and therefore its former owner loses power. According to the scriptures of the Sacred Pantheon, when one of the sons of music decides to claim his territory, he must perform the ritual at least 3 times to rule it.

Therefore, the main objective of our infernal hero is to reconquer the parties of the city while the followers of Lillith try to stop him.

In this action game with acrobatic movements and verticality, it generates an atmosphere of tension and frenzy when facing the enemies of electronic music that don't stop appearing until they defeat you.

Commercial:Game is Free
Genres: Action, Shooter
Players: Single player
Themes:Cyberpunk, Epic Rock Story
Platforms: PC
Platforms: Windows
Status: Released, 2022
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ESAT - Black Goats Games Studio

A group of students making games

Team Page:metalborn

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