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Quasimorphosis: Exordium

Game info

Sci-fi roguelike with tactical missions and survival horror elements. Take the role of a PMC fighter and find out the situation on the Frantsev-7 space station in the orbit of Saturn.

Quasimorphosis: Exordium is a roguelike RPG with the atmosphere of space horror. You have to take the role of a PMC operator. There is a small story of a great tragedy onboard the Frantseva-7 station.

Quasimorphosis: Exordium introduces you the hardcore world of Quasimorphosis and shows you the horizons of our future ideas.

Key features:

SURVIVE alone on a space station invaded by a quasimorphic field;
EXPLORE the Frantseva-7 station;
MASTER an arsenal of weapons and special items to fight the demons that have fallen into our world;
DISCOVER secrets that the corporation would like to keep secrets;
UNDERSTAND the principles of quasimorphosis;
STUDY your enemies - this will help you survive;
IMPROVE your skills in the use of medicines and equipment care;
LEARN what awaits you in the depths of the intricate station;
PARTICIPATE in the development of the game with us;
WAIT for improvements and expansion of Quasimorphosis: Exordium and the arrival of a big game.

Start an esoteric war in space. Let the two worlds tremble.

Mature Content: Extreme Violence or Gore, Drug Use
Commercial:Game is Free
Categories: Indie Category
Genres: Crafting, Survival, Turn-based
Players: Single player
Platforms: PC
Platforms: Windows
Status: Early Access, 2022
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Team Page:

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