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Rock 'n' Roll Will Never Die!

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Hair metal's not dead, it just smells funny! Get your beer-soaked denim vest and dive into a point-and-click adventure as a middle-aged teddy bear planning a comeback with his glam metal band - in a world where glam metal has been dead for decades.

For some of us, the 1980s never ended. The true scene veterans persevered through the changing trends in music, fashion and common decency, keeping glam metal alive through sheer stubbornness and detachment from reality. When one of the least successful bands in hair metal decides it's time for a comeback, no one is safe. They may have put on a few pounds and lost some of their graying hair, but their rocking power and sex appeal are still... Uh, as questionable as ever? But this time they're sure to make it big. This time rock 'n 'roll will never die!

In this hilarious point-and-click adventure you jump into the denim vest of a middle-aged teddy bear to orchestrate the comeback of your old glam metal band - no matter that glam metal has been the laughing stock of all music fans for decades. It's coming back, I swear!

Experience all the fun of organizing band activities with people who have families and careers, rehearsing in moldy basements, trying to convince promoters to book your band, and playing Tuesday night support gigs in empty bars for no money! Hours of adventuring with 100+ characters and exciting locations in glorious hand-drawn 1920 x 1080 pixel graphics. It's pretty cool!

Mature Content: Drug Use
Commercial: Game is Paid
Categories: Indie Category
Genre: Adventure, point-and-click
Players: Single player
Themes: Modern,
Platform: PC
Platforms: Windows
Status: Released, 2022
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Valtteri Tavast

Solo developer / cartoonist / musician from Finland

Team Page: valtteri
Country: Finland
Members: 1

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